Healthy Living Blogger…Musts?

This is another post, all in good fun, not meant to offend anyone :)

I got this great idea from my girl, Cait, to write a post on all the ways I am not a traditional healthy living blogger.


Photo via Cait

I don’t recap everything I do, sometimes I don’t even take out my camera, mostly on vacations and family time.


I eat real dessert. A brownie made completely of black beans is not dessert. While I love me some beans, they are still beans, just in a different form.


I don’t take pictures of every. single. workout and then post it on facebook, instagram, and twitter.


I am a slow runner and I am okay with that.


guess I am falling into that stereotype above, huh?

I enjoy eating bread from restaurants.



I like to have a few many drinks with my friends and not worry about a damn thing.

stolen from Cait!

stolen from Cait!

I love to bake and cook, but I sometimes take the easy way out, pre made burgers and cut veggies from Whole Foods. Time saver!!


I know that I fall into some healthy living blogger stereotypes as well, but that’s another post for another fun day.

What stereotypes do you break and what ones do you fall in to?

37 thoughts on “Healthy Living Blogger…Musts?

  1. i indulge waaaaaay more than the typical “healthy living blogger” and sometimes that includes eating full fat rich and creamy ice cream right out of the carton! :) :) #noshame

  2. It is my understanding that “healthy living bloggers” is a euphemism for women who have one or more eating disorders. In my research, I have found this to be the case over 80% of the time – and that’s just those who admit it.

    So, in light of this and perhaps unfairly judging you by your pictures alone, I am fairly confident you break the biggest HLB stereotype of all!

  3. hahaha I love this. I love that you mention black bean brownies because since making them, I prefer them over regular brownies, but when it comes to pure chocolate, anyone who dares to mess with it or take it away from me is no longer my friend. I also love bread from restaurants ;) I’m also 100% with you on the slow runner bit. For a while it bothered me, but I’m over it. I realized that some day I may never be a marathoner (or even a half marathoner) and I’m 100% ok with that. I don’t know that I ever want to spend any more than an hour running, willingly!

    I find that I take pictures of my workouts, usually with the intention of just keeping it as a record in case I forget to log or for an easy monthly comparison, and occasionally throw them together in a collage – so guilty there!

    Husband takes pictures of everything we do, so I also often post pictures of our trips, our hikes, our whatever.

    • I will say, I have never tried black bean brownies. Maybe if I try I will be a convert. I do love a square of dark chocolate though!

      Slow running is such a mental thing, 90% of the time I am totally fine with my pace, but I have those moments where it creeps in and I get irritated. Then I say you ran TWO half marathons, regardless of time.

      I am usually the picture taker, so I usually take breaks during the gym and vacation time!

  4. i totally love this almost as much as i love you! and i love that there are two pics of me here…and J GILBERT’S SOURDOUGH BREAD. no caption needed, i KNEW that was what it was! i love your someecards too. i’m going to send the “gym so i can go to the gym” one to my coworker. she and i always joke about that. we saw one meme with the dos equis guy and it said “i don’t always go to the gym. but when i do, i tell facebook about it.” :P

  5. What a great post! I too think it is sooo important to “be real”… As healthy living bloggers, if we aren’t showing this reality and balance then we are lying to our readers and ourselves. Dessert is more than okay in my books! And I don’t workout everyday… our bodies need some rest too!

    • Thanks Amy! I in fact took a rest day today, my body was sore and I have workouts planned for the next 3 days. I needed a rest day.

  6. These are fun…and dare I say more healthy living bloggers fall into this “normal” category than perhaps care to reveal it? But let me say–I love some good bread at a restaurant, some cocktails with friends, and I’m currently running really slowly! Thanks for the honest post!

  7. Hmmm…. I love Whole Foods, more than I love… Oh no, I won’t say it, LOL!!! I go to the gym every single morning, regardless as to how I feel… I love my sleep… I don’t know if I am being stereotypical or not, lol!

    • haha the rumor is HLBers love Whole Foods, but I loved it before I had a blog soooo haha. We all fit some stereotypes, but I embrace it as a positive!

  8. I love restaurant bread more than dessert.

    I eat real dessert, I don’t need black beans in my sugar

    I love frozen salmon burgers

    I don’t like pilates, yoga, barre, and any other weird mat workouts. And most of all I hate those TRX things or whatever those S&M machines are called.

  9. I run so I can eat dessert and have some wine too. I think we are both living healthy. We know our limits, we know what healthy is, and we define how it fits in our lives. Keep up the healthy blogging.

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