Marvelous Memorial Monday!

I am linking up with the lovely Katie for a special edition of Marvelous Monday!

I want to start by saying a thank you to all service men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country, as well as those are still serving our country.


There are many marvelous things going on…

IMG 5802

B is sleeping so well in his toddler bed, honestly, I thought it was going to be a difficult transition but he’s adapted so well.

IMG 5896

Under Armour sent me this great gear as part of the What’s Beautiful campaign. Everything is so comfortable and bright! Don’t forget to join the campaign!

IMG 5909

I was able to spectate many friends and family members running Boston’s Run to Remember. It was meaningful in so many ways. It was the first big run in the city since the Marathon. This race every year is to honor the law enforcement, and not surprisingly, it sold out after the suspect was captured in Watertown. The running community is a wonderful thing.

IMG 5921
Then we spend the majority of the long weekend with family in CT! I am so blessed.

What marvelous things did you do this weekend?

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