How I’ve upped my game

As I mentioned before, I worked with Amanda for 2 months (more detailed post to come) on my nutrition

For this weeks WIAW, I thought I would share with you a little bit of what I have been eating.

IMG 0657
I work out in the morning, so I try to get my post-workout carbs from Oatmeal. I mix it with almond milk, 1 scoop of Aria protein powder, and 1 spoonful of peanut butter & co (my favorite flavors are smooth, bee’s knees, and might maple)

IMG 5197
My snacks are either Amanda’s protein muffin (with a scoop of pb) or a smoothie. This smoothie is 1 frozen banana, a handful of frozen peach slices, a handful of frozen mango chunks, 1 scoop of Aria protein powder and a handful of spinach.

IMG 3374
Lots of salads. I ALWAYS have a salad with dinner, for dressing just balsamic vinegar and oil (straight from Greece holla). Usually leafy greens, tomatoes, green peppers, and cucumber, if I leftover roasted veggies I will throw that on top.

For some reason I have zero pictures of my lunches, really I think it is because once B goes down for a nap it’s a mad dash to the kitchen to get lunch made so that I can eat and get whatever chores I need to get done before he wakes up.

My lunch is usually an omelet with 1 egg, 2 egg whites, spinach, roasted turkey and 1/2 slice of cheddar (except on wednesdays and fridays for Orthodox Lent). I top it with two tablespoons of peach mango salsa and 1/2 an avocado. Yum!

IMG 5448
B enjoying yesterdays smoothie. He had frozen banana, raspberries, whole milk, and a handful of frozen mango. I made to much so some of it went down the drain, unfortunately.

IMG 5451
My smoothie yesterday, not the prettiest, I will admit, but one of the best I have made thus far. Literally tasted like pb&j. It had frozen banana, frozen raspberries, 1 scoop Aria protein powder, 1 tablespoon peanut butter, a handful of spinach, and almond milk. It is amazing that I have never put peanut butter in a smoothie before, but this was the perfect post-workout treat. (I worked out twice that day ha)

IMG 5459
Last nights dinner. Chicken sausage with sautéed spinach, roasted peppers and asparagus, and avocado.

Our dinners consist of salad, protein (salmon, chicken sausage, shredded chicken, hamburgers, etc…) and roasted veggies. My favorite veggies are brussels, yum!

What are your go-to clean eats?

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I posted the last Cadbury Creme Cupcake recipe yesterday as well!

33 thoughts on “How I’ve upped my game

    • Thanks :) feeling good after I eat is a TREAT! Punishing my body is filling it with garbage that makes me feel lethargic and gross.

  1. Wow, he sure looks like he’s enjoying that smoothie! Raspberries are definitely one of my favorite smoothie fruits. :-) My go-to clean eats include pretty much anything raw and/or unprocessed. Thankfully, now that summer is on the horizon, I’ll be able to eat more clean soon!

  2. Lots of delicious protein powder meals. Protein muffins are seriously great. I would be eating one right now if they didn’t upset my stomach so much :D

    And look at him go with that smoothie! It’s so great that he’s enjoying it!

  3. Great job revamping those eats and it certainly shows as I told you recently, you look fab!!! In fact I will see you with my own eyes in like 1.5 hours! Haha the din you posted tho looks so good and I love that you do your own Grecian salad dressing, holla indeed. I love me my fill of B so thanks for that adorbs smoothie pic. Yes I said adorbs.

    • Thanks love! So glad we got to spend some time together. I’ll have to text you some more adorbs pics ;) Have so much fun tomorrow!

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