PV.body turned Ellie – Thoughts and a Review.

I apologize in advance since this post will be lengthy, I wanted to wait until I had all the facts pieces before I wrote my review.

A few months ago I became aware of a company called pv.body (no link since the web address redirects to Ellie now). The company sounded awesome, for the price of $39.95 (when I signed up — the price was raised to $49.95 a few days later) you would get two name brand items, they used names like Lululemon, Nike, etc… to pique the general interest and to be honest I definitely fell for it, but one thing had me apprehensive — sizing. I typically wear a 12 in lululemon and other companies vary between M, L and XL. I emailed Jenay and told her my concerns, she emailed me back and told me that most of the products in a L would fit me and that they have a liberal return policy. Okay, I will try it out.


I used a 20% off coupon from a fellow blogger and signed up — this was the end of November. My card was charged and shipping status was unavailable, and I will be honest, two weeks later we were moving and in the throes of no internet and not worrying about anything except getting unpacked and settled. A few weeks later I started seeing reviews from other bloggers about their packages and workout gear. I called my mother-in-law (since I used their address) and she had received nothing. I checked my bank account and saw that pv.body had charged me twice. I was pissed, I called and emailed and got zero response, including from my friend Jenay.


When I arrived at my in-laws for New Years Eve I had two packages from pv.body at their house. I tried on all 4 items and only 1 fit which was a bit frustrating. I logged into my account and was told I could only exchange package number 2. I called HQ because that was not going to fly with me, first I wasn’t sure which package was #1 and which was #2 and secondly, I received the first package so late and it wasn’t my fault so I should be able to return all items if I needed. No one answered at HQ it rang 3 times, an automated voice came on and said I was next, rang two more times and put me into a generic voicemail. I left a voicemail, but continued to call repeatedly until I finally got a hold of Riquel, it took at least 30 minutes to get through. Riquel was helpful — she asked what I liked in my workout gears (I prefer normal or high-waisted pants and longer tops that move well) and she emailed me a fed-ex slip, she also said to include a note and I could exchange the three items. I sent the items back to HQ in mid-January.

I received my new items a month later, but in the meantime I saw this post from Sarah – I immediately put a hold on my pv.body account and contacted someone higher up at pv.body to address my concerns.

Silver & Black American Apparel leggings and Unknown Top in Navy. The orange top is from Old Navy.

Silver & Black American Apparel leggings and Unknown Top in Navy. The orange top is from Old Navy.

The one item that fit in my first package was the American Apparel leggings. In my exchange I received another pair of the same leggings, a Nux top (similar to the one I returned) and a top that I can’t find the name for. While I do love the leggings and the nameless top, I wasn’t that impressed and I would be PISSED if I paid the $49.95 price tag, because the American Apparel pants were valued at $48 and the Nux top was valued at $45 — not exactly the promise $150 value.

So this is when Ellie comes in. As Sarah, Katy, Heather, Janine, & Becki had posted pv.body had essentially bought a ton of name (and not so name) brand items and shipped them off for a few months, but since most of these brands do not sell their items whole sale those at pv.body knew they had to do something else. They lured everyone in with the promise of Lulu and Nike and then swapped in their own brand Ellie a few months later. Not impressed.

There have also been plenty of people with great experiences like Linz, Danielle, & Heather.

I was contacted by Hope at Puravit who addressed my concerns and offered to send me a February package for review. I received it on Friday afternoon so I haven’t had the chance to work out in it. I will say however, I was given the February look book and picked two pieces that I felt fit what I needed from workout gear. I didn’t receive either of those pieces.

Ellie Bottoms

Ellie Bottoms

According to Hope, the quality of the Little Black Legging was not up to par for them, that’s fine I get it, I was told that I would receive the Love Struck Legging as it was their most popular item. I am not sure who it was popular with considering February was their unveiling and theoretically our packages would be sent out at the same time as everyone else’s, maybe it was the most popular among the staff? Also, the LBL is available for March packages – and I don’t work in any capacity for product development, but unless it is a small issue I don’t understand how February’s LBL wasn’t ready for shipping but March’s is. Regardless, I ended up receiving the Kiss Me Capri. I tried them on and they fit well and are high enough for my liking, as I said I haven’t worked out in them, but so far they fit well.

Ellie Tops

Ellie Tops

For the top, I do not know what happened, I requested the Truth or Dare tank and received the Peek-A-Boo top. This is a top I absolutely would not work out in. Frankly, I don’t know that I would even have the confidence to wear this out in public. Maybe with a cami underneath? It did fit well, the sizing is accurate and the material was comfortable. I just wish it was a top that I could and would wear.

So now that all is said and done what do I think?

I loved the idea of pv.body — it was a great way to try new brands at a cheaper rate. I am very picky with my workout clothes and it seemed to be a cheap way to find new brands before you spent a ton of money and time finding new gear. Since a lot of brands do not sell wholesale (really this should have been a huge red flag for me) this was a concept they could not keep up.

I think the bait and switch technique that they used was extremely shady, a lot of bloggers have called them out (please read the linked posts above) and they reached out to too many bloggers to review and push product. This caused them to get overwhelmed and get behind which is why I got my packages later than expected and they did not have enough staff to handle the influx of returns and exchanges.

So far I do like what I see of Ellie, but I am not sure I will keep a membership, the fact that I received two random items sort of leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I have addressed it with Hope and will update when I get a response.

I do want to address that just because I am a blogger I do not get special treatment, I have seen this posted from commenters on other posts and the pv.body/Ellie facebook page. My packages have been delayed, my items have been wrong, etc…

If you would like to try out Ellie – click on the link. I am interested in your experiences so let me know in the comments, did you like what you got, hate it?

27 thoughts on “PV.body turned Ellie – Thoughts and a Review.

    • I do like it and some can totally pull it off. At this stage in my fitness I am just not comfortable with it you know? It’d look great on you though!

  1. Thanks for this honest review Kelly. I had a good experience with pvbody but I’ve been so hesitant and on the fence about Ellie. I haven’t tried it yet – not sure if I will. The clothes can be great but business practices mean everything.

    • Oh no, I don’t mean to scare you! Although it is easier to be honest. If you do try them out let me know how it goes.

  2. I had Issues with PVbody returns but I had a good experience with the clothes. I had to wait just like you, which sucked! I was so nervous about Ellie based on that.

    I really liked the Ellie clothes I received. I loved the kiss me capris and the top I got it was pink I don’t remember the name. But like you that peek a boo top never would have worked for me. Everyone has such different experiences with this company it’s crazy!

    Mine are positive and I hope they stay that way but I’m cautious of it.

    • I totally agree and while I like the concept of Ellie if I picked something that means I’d wear it. The top was just not working for me, I know some love it but I just don’t.

      I do hope they sort out their issues, but like I said I’m not sure I’ll return as a customer.

  3. I applaud you for such an honest review. I too would be frustrated in your situation. Though its a great concept, I think I will be holding out until they work out their kinks.
    And seriously? That peek-a-boo top? I can’t think of any workout that’s appropriate for!

    • Thank you, it’s easier to be honest in my opinion.

      I know some people love that peek a boo top, but for me it wouldn’t be appropriate in any of my workouts.

      It’d be a nice going out top though haha :)

  4. i so appreciate your honest review! i knew you would be totally real. my first pv body outfit was fine and my review reflected that. i’m still waiting on my first ellie outfit though and have been waiting for awhile. i REALLY hope i get what i asked for and that it all fits…heather and kaitlin both had good experiences so i’m hoping i do too b/c we all chose the same top/bottoms. i’ll def be mentioning the shipping delay either way though in my review even if i love the clothes.

    • I think it’s important to mention those factors, I think some readers think we get special treatment because we are bloggers but we all have issues with companies too!

      I bet that top will look fab on you :) if its the one I’m thinking of! I can’t wait to see your review.

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