Playlist Thursday: Let’s Get Speedy

It’s that time of the week again. Time to link up with Pavement Runner. This is an awesome link up I always try to partake in because I get to see songs that I might not have otherwise heard of and I always end up adding at least one song to my running playlist. Make sure you head over to Pavement Runner to check out everyone else who contributed this week.

Playlist thursday teal

Today’s theme is: Songs that make you speed up the tempo.

Artist: The Postal Service

Title: Such Great Heights

Side Note: TPS has been on my radar since my college days, and while this song may seem slow, check out, it will tell you what the pace is for a specific song. Such great heights is actually a 7:30 pace, way faster than my pace, and it totally pushes me.

And when you are out there on the road
For several weeks of shows
And when you scan the radio
I hope this song will guide you home

Artist: The Script featuring Will.I.Am

Title: Hall of Fame

Side Note: I know, I know, I have featured this one a bunch, but when I really get into a song I can’t let go. Sorry. (This has an 8:00 min pace)

You can throw your hands up
You can be the clock
You can move a mountain
You can break rocks
You can be a master
Don’t wait for luck
Dedicate yourself and you can find yourself

Artist: Carrie Underwood

Title: Wasted

Side Note: I have loved Carrie since her Idol days. This girl can put such raw emotion into words. This song has a bit of a deeper meaning. (6:00 min pace)

For one split second, she almost turned around
But that would be like pouring rain drops back into a cloud
So she took another step and said
“I see the way out and I’m gonna’ take it”

I don’t wanna spend my life jaded, waiting
To wake up one day and find
That I’ve let all these years go by wasted

Year of Baking: Flour’s Intense Chocolate Brownies

In case you are new to the blog, check out weeks one and two of the year of baking.

For week three, I went back to the Flour cookbook. I was having a major chocolate craving, you know the girl kind, TMI oh well.

I was immediately struck by the Intense Chocolate Brownie recipe.

IMG 3111

If you read the description in the book Chang talks about finding the right balance between dry brownies and thick dense brownies. I have to say, I have made my fair share of brownies. Box mix and from scratch, and these so far are my absolute favorites.

IMG 3096

She got the balance perfectly, although a part of the baking (as with any baking recipe) is knowing your oven. When a time is given you want to make sure you know if your oven cooks fast or slow. Mine cooks a bit slower (so far) and so I checked the brownies at 5 minute intervals to make sure that they were not going to be overdone.

I waited not so patiently for the brownies to cool, and Nick, B and I dug in.

IMG 3121

These will be my go-to brownies for a long time to come. They were nice and chewy, but not too fudge, and they were not dry. Perfection. Even B loved them.

So far this has been my favorite recipe of the year of baking, and no that’s not the PMS talking.

What’s your favorite brownie recipe?

I am linking up with Jenn of Peas & Crayons for this wonderful WIAW

New Blog & Goal Checking

First things first:

A big thanks go out tos Nick and his business partner Will. They helped me with a fairly difficult migration from Squarespace to self-hosted WordPress that involved all the behind the scenes stuff (export/import, hosting, DNS changes, WordPress install and configuration) as well as a totally new site design and custom header. If you are looking for some help with your own blog or any sort of design work, website, or mobile app, check them out.

IMG 4856

Just hanging out with my TRX

So like I told you in my goals post, I am all about accountability and changing my lifestyle, not dieting.

I have met with Amanda, and so far it is going really well. I am working on changing my diet (as in eating) because I am getting sick of the same things, which means I am venturing into the world of getting new ideas.

So tell me your favorite protein muffins and protein shakes!

I am also working with this great new site called Fitness Glo, which is online video classes. So far it has been awesome, and I will have a full review when I have tried more classes, but the stretching alone, those classes I definitely needed.

How are you keeping up with your goals so far?