FitnessGlo: Review & Giveaway!

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If there is ever a quote that is my daily mantra — this is it.

I haven’t been shy about the fact that for the past 3 years I have been using my home as my gym, although that is changing – I will address that in another post, today I am telling you all about your new at-home or on-the-road fitness tool, FitnessGlo.

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FitnessGlo states:

FitnessGlo was designed to change the way you feel about fitness. Many fitness programs get very complicated, very quickly and before you know it you’re tracking so many different factors, it’s easy to lose your way or decide to skip your workout altogether. Our goal is to keep it simple: find a workout, do the workout.

Our classes have been created to get you moving and feeling good about you. When you move, you begin to feel great and when you feel great, you can truly enjoy living.

FitnessGlo was created for women, by women and is designed for busy women; whether you are a mom, travel frequently for work, or just don’t live close to the gym, it was designed for you to get in a workout during your busy day. The classes are shorter, but can be combined with other classes if you have time for a longer workout. There is also a balance tracker to see if you are maintaing balance within the strength, cardio and stretch classes every week.

I have taken a plethora of classes from barre to cardio to stretch. Some classes have been easy and some have been extremely hard. I will be honest, the first class I took was level 3 Cardio Athletic (the hardest level) and I had to stop because it was so difficult, it was almost embarrassing. Then I realized that this program is not just for those who are new at fitness, it spans all fitness types and there are multiple ways to challenge yourself.

FitnessGlo makes it very easy to do a quick workout when B is sleeping or when I am having a crazy day.  It’s nice to know that when I am having one of those crazy mom days, I can take 10 minutes of my time and get in a workout, and I always feel better when I get a little sweaty.  The website is also very easy to use which is a huge plus, being short on time – the last thing I want to do is waste time on the website.

You can search for classes by style, teacher, duration or level.

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You can also schedule classes, I did this at first, to try out a bunch of different classes.

Scheduling a Class

Scheduling a Class

But you can schedule one class as a recurring schedule. I have my stretch session scheduled for every day that I am running.



I do not stretch enough, so I actually set a reminder in my phone to stretch immediately after my run. It’s easy I have my computer set up in our guest room, so I head upstairs and immediately open FitnessGlo and follow the stretch class. It is pretty simple and pretty easy, well the stretching isn’t easy but getting to the video is.

Is FitnessGlo affordable? It costs $12 a month to have access to this program. That is one or two lunches out from one week. You can totally swing that in your budget, right?

So how can it get better? I have one 90 day membership to giveaway, courtesy of FitnessGlo!

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  1. This is a great tool to have and it gives me some great ideas for launching our own online workout platform! I’ve never tried a barre class either and think it looks interesting. Another class I’d love to try, but not sure if fitnessGlo is offering it is aerial yoga!

  2. Ahhhh this would be so amazing for all the time I’m traveling on the road! I did my first barre class a couple of weeks ago (with Caitlin!) and I loved it! I’d totally love something like this.

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