A Relaxing Weekend

This weekend was exactly what I have been needing lately.

Love this sweet face

Love this sweet face

Saturday B and I had a very special brunch at my friends house. There were 7 of us, we all went to the same college and were a part of the same sorority. There were also 3 babies. I didn’t take any pictures, but it was nice to spend a few hours with friends and drink mimosas and have our kids play with each other, even if they all aren’t old enough to do that quite yet.

I came home and Nick’s mom was here, she helped clean, do laundry and make some food. It was nice to relax for awhile – then Nick and I headed to our Valentine’s dinner. We went to the local sushi place, and we splurged a bit with a few apps and the more special rolls, but it was nice to have a night out.

Sunday it snowed – again. It was no blizzard, but it wasn’t fun and our road was not plowed until late afternoon, so we had a day inside. I was able to get a great workout and stretch in via Fitness Glo, then I was able to have some down time.

I pulled out a box to put some of our serving dishes in and someone thought it would be more fun to play inside of it.

Spot the Baby

Spot the Baby

Monday was nice because Nick had the day off. I got my workout in bright and early, grocery shopped, and did a ton of meal prep for the week.

What was exciting for you this weekend? Did you have a long weekend?

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