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Nick and I are pretty regular when it comes to where we dine out, we had our favorite expensive restaurant, favorite sushi place, favorite coffee place, etc… Since moving we are now only close to our favorite expensive restaurant, time to find all new places.

However, while we were in CT when we were between houses, we tried a new sushi restaurant, Ginza. Nick and I are really picky when it comes to sushi, we are used to very fresh fish and frankly can be kind of snobby at sub par sushi. The fact that we both loved this place speaks volumes. The pictures were taken with my iPhone in a dimly lit restaurant, next time I will make sure to bring my real camera so that you can have better photos.

Our first visit was with Nick’s sister and her hubby. We were celebrating, I think, I am not really sure, I remember it was definitely a splurge kind of night. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures. We had just moved to our temporary digs and we just wanted to eat. However, we went back a few weeks later with a good friend.

We started with the rock shrimp ($12), which was delicious, it wasn’t greasy, it was perfectly fried and the Yuzu Chili Sauce was not too spicy, but had a little bite to it. I’ll be the first to admit my spice tolerance is not very high, so it might not be spicy enough for you, but I will take the mild deliciousness.

I ordered two rolls for my dinner. The first was the Seasons Roll ($15) which had tuna, yellowtail, salmon & avocado inside, topped with a rainbow of different tobiko caviar.

The plating was fantastic, just looking at it, I want it right now! Sometimes when rolls have many different kinds of fish it becomes huge and it is not easy to eat. That was not the case. The roll was delicious, the fish tasted very fresh and I loved the presentation.

My second roll was the Ginza Chef Roll ($15)this one had salmon, yellowtail, radish sprouts, asparagus & avocado inside, topped with tuna, spicy mayo, tobiko and crunches

This was my favorite of the night! I loved the mixture of fish and veggies, I thought the sprouts might be weird, but they just added another flavor. They also didn’t put a lot of the spicy mayo on top, I love the mayo, but sometimes it can be too heavy.

Our third visit came as another celebration. Nick, my sister-in-law, her husband and I took out my brother-in-law for his 21st birthday! When Nick and I started dating he was in middle school and now he is 21, its crazy to think how much time has flown by.

We started with a round of Scorpion Bowls. I mean it was his 21st! Lets just say it’s been awhile since I had a drink like that. I was tipsy after 1/4 of it and it gave me a major sugar headache that night. Still a fun splurge.

Happy Birthday!

Hmmm, someone was focused on drinking and not picture taking. #unacceptable

Again the table started with the rock shrimp, and we all started with a soup or salad. My choice was the Kani Salad ($7) this salad had crab, cucumber, tobiko & spicy mayo blend.

I am picky (surprise surprise) about any salad with mayo. I find a lot of them to be very heavy and all I can taste is the mayo, and then it just sits in my stomach like a brick. This salad was very light with the mayo. The crab and cucumber was julienned and was very refreshing. This is a salad I could eat all the time (well maybe if I find a healthier sub for the mayo).

For my dinner I chose two rolls again. The Godzilla roll ($12) which was spicy tuna inside, topped with avocado and tobiko and the Spicy Crab roll ($5.50). I wanted to get rolls with less “stuff” since I had a larger starter.

I loves both rolls, the spicy mixture that was mixed with the tuna and crab wasn’t heavy and didn’t hide the flavor of the fish. I would definitely get both of these again. First, I need to make my way through the rest of the menu items that look good to me.

What is your favorite sushi roll?

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  1. Wow this makes me want to get to Ginza for their sushi and seafood! The roll with the caviar looks so unique, totally impressed with you picking that. I too am so picky about too much mayo on my seafood/chicken salads. That crab salad looks DIVINE to me. LOL at the pic of you and Nick, you look so much like your sis in it! Scorpion Bowls definitely give me deathly sugar hangovers but yes sometimes it's worth it :)

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