2013 & January Joiners

I want to preface this post with something important. I wrote a post last year about “January Joiners” and my feelings haven’t changed, but since I have become more immersed in the Healthy Living community, I am sincerely SHOCKED, by the amount of professionals & fitness minded individuals in the field who are making rude Facebook and Twitter comments about these people. As a community we should be enveloping these people who are trying to change their lives, even if you only help one person become healthier, doesn’t that matter?

The good thing about my blogiversary being January 2 is that I only have to do one recap post, luck for all of us!

I didn’t even do a recap post of 2011, I mean it goes without saying that B was without a doubt the best part of the year. I did however make a what I want to do moving forward posts, but first, if you want a laugh, check out my very first post.

For my goals of 2012 post:


Well, I definitely think I became a better blogger, I was constant about posting at least 3 times a week, I however failed at the baking posts…I guess that is going to top this years list, don’t worry, I already have a plan.

Family & Friends

Well, I will always be striving to be a better mom & wife. I made a few solid real life mom friends, and many online mom friends. I have also tried extremely hard to let go of dead relationships, and maybe this year I will finally explain why that is so difficult for me. Patience, definitely still needs work.


I continued baking, but didn’t document a large majority of it. On this years agenda.


I talked about trying Crossfit and with the exception of HLS, I did not, still not in the budget, and I am not sure my heart is 100% in to it. I also never found any fitness classes that fit into our schedule and budget. Gripe: so many gyms do not let you take on a class by class basis, you need to go to a specialized studio like Zumba or Pure Barre, and those are also pricy, dang. I would at least like to try Zumba and Barre this year, there are a few studios nearby.


I failed. We did not travel somewhere new, B did not go in the pool :(, but I did enjoy myself at all the big events. Even if I had some issues with my self-esteem.

So what’s in store for 2013?

The only solid goals I have for the year are to lose 20 pounds and to shave 20 minutes off my half. They both take work and I am willing to work hard for both of them.

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  1. I understand being frustrated with busy gyms, but I'm so happy to see fresh faces getting interested in their health!! Go January Joiners!!

    And for your recap goals, have you thought of doing home WOD that require very little equipment? I've seen ones intended for travel and it seems that would be something that might fit for you! Good luck!

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