Christmas Traditions

I know everyone is saying this but I honestly can’t believe it’s almost Christmas. With all the house purchase craziness that we were dealing with, then dealing with vendors and builders and issue inside the house, it is all the sudden Christmas Eve. (Thank goodness I took a few shopping trips here and there otherwise I’d be screwed in terms of Christmas presents)

We didn’t get a tree this year, and we have a few decorations, and because we couldn’t get anything prior to mid-December we had no stocking holders for our mantle, so they went back on the China cabinet like last year.

recycled photo, I also had no time to take pictures of our new set-up!

Now that B is getting older, I am trying to start to realize what I hope our yearly traditions will be. I will admit it is hard with all the traveling we do to have great at home traditions, so I am trying to be creative.

In the past with my family we have always opened up one gift on Christmas eve and we usually get new pajama’s and a Christmas ornament, that is one of my favorite memories. Also, my sister Caty & I would always make breakfast together, well she made most of it. I think it’s wonderful to take that extra time to have breakfast together and not a hurried meal of toast & coffee.

For presents, we always would give one gift to everyone in the room, one for each of my sisters and parent(s) and we would all open at the same time. As we got older and more children became part of the process it was hard as a child to find enough presents under the tree for the adults, but I know realize they didn’t care. As a mom, I can only hope that my children find joy in what they unwrap and realize that each gift was thoughtfully picked for them.

Santa – this is a big one. I put it out as a question to a group of mom friends. How do you handle Santa? The idea of Santa was ruined for me at a very young age, by someone very bitter. However, my parents still labeled the majority of my gifts from Santa, and even my paternal grandmother used to tell us that Santa left gifts for us at her house. I thought it was sweet. Nick’s parents however told their kids that Santa left the stockings.

I am more inclined to follow in the footsteps of my in-laws. I want my children to know that I picked out dome gifts that I knew they would love. Someone also mentioned that the big, expensive or toy of the year gifts come from Santa. I like that idea as well! Santa can afford the expensive stuff right?

I’d love to start doing the pj & ornament tradition and Christmas morning breakfast, but with all our traveling they might be hard. For now, I am blessed to be spending all this time with wonderful people and I am enjoying the traditions as they come.

What are your traditions? How do you handle Santa?

4 thoughts on “Christmas Traditions

  1. The Santa thing is so hard. I am not a parent myself, but I teach 7-11 year olds so I get asked the Santa thing a lot. I don't want some kid in the class who says Santa isn't real to ruin it for everyone. So I tell them how much I believe in Santa and all about the present he brings me. When that one angry, mean kid says your wrong Santa isn't real I jokingly ask if they were on the naughty list and that is why Santa didn't bring gifts. It is so hard, but I don't want my students to learn from some mean kid in class. I play along and figure they will learn on their own when they are old enough.

  2. We're going with the Santa route just because at my kids age, it's just too complicated. I love the traditions I had growing up. I'm trying to infuse them into our life as well as find new ones. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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