Rooftop 120 with Cait Plus Ate: Part Two

Alternative Title: Cait Plus Kelly

Now that you’ve read about visit number one and hopefully you’ve had a great meal, or are about to eat one, because these photos are going to make you hungry.

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Cheers to blends! Source

We started off with a round of drinks, obviously. I decided to try the Organic Blood Orange

IMG 4339

Skyy Infusions Blood Orange Vodka, Organic Thatchers Blood Orange liqueur, a splash or orange juice and topped with Prosecco

It was the perfect Martini for me. I love blood orange everything and prosecco everything, win win.

For dinner we decided to share a few dishes again, we like the same food and Caitlin is trying to work her way through the menu, so win win again.

We stuck to the regular menu this time instead of the specials.

IMG 4341
Ahi Tuna with braised baby bok choy, green tomato jam, ginger vinaigrette and tobiko

This dish was absolutely amazing, Cait and I were dipping everything in the leftover ginger vinaigrette. The tomato jam had the right amount of acidity and the bok choy was perfectly cooked. The tuna was served rare, just how I like it. The whole dish was composed so well and everything was cooked perfectly.

Photo 1
Cait’s choice was the Local Scallops with grilled leek risotto and fava beans

I’ll be honest, I never really liked scallops, but I want to like scallops. I think I have never had them cooked well and probably more times than I’d like to admit they were not cleaned properly before being cooked.

I loved this dish, the scallops were cleaned and seared correctly, and I am a sucker for a good risotto and lava beans. The dish was a comforting dish that I would order again and again. Thanks for helping me get over my scallops aversion, Cait and Rooftop 120.

Photo 2
Our last dish was the Autumn Glazed Vegetables, it included Parsnips, Turnips and Carrots. I was nervous that glaze would be to sweet, but it was balanced well and the vegetables were cooked to the right temperature, not too crispy and definitely not mushy.

We were feeling stuffed after this meal so instead of ordering another drink or menu item to share a small dessert.

IMG 4342
In the glass was Stoli Salted Caramel Vodka and Godiva Dark Chocolate liqueur with chocolate sauce. This was the perfect send off to our meal. It was too sweet where I know I could not have a whole glass but the half-shot was just right.

And at the end of the night was my favorite part.
IMG 4344
At the top of our bill Cait Plus Kelly, Andres really knows how to make a patron feel special.

Thanks again for another wonderful night of food, drinks and fun Cait!

3 thoughts on “Rooftop 120 with Cait Plus Ate: Part Two

  1. This post is so awesome, Kelly! But why didn't you tell me you don't usually like scallops?! I would've picked one of the million other things haha. You are sneaky. I'm so glad you loved Rooftop again :D how could you not after all with a wonderful bartender like Andres! Your descriptions of the dishes are spot-on. I love showing people special places and you made visiting Rooftop more fun than it usually is, if that's even possible. <333 so thankful today to have you as a friend!

  2. Hahaha because I NEEDED to give them a chance and I knew Rooftop would be the place to do it. Super thankful for you! ❤ You!!

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