Rooftop 120 With Cait Plus Ate: Part One

Alternative Title: We can never eat or drink anywhere else.

I have had the honor of dining with the fabulous Caitlin at Rooftop 120 not just once, but twice, during my interim living in Connecticut.

Photo 7
Me and my lovely blend, love this girl. Source

The first time, Nick and I drove straight to the bar from a friends baby shower. We got to meet Caitlin’s parents, they were leaving as we were arriving, and they were super sweet, I’m glad I got to meet them, Caitlin always talks so highly of them and I can tell why!

I started with one of the fall drink specials IMG 4200

The Smashed Pumpkin: Fulton Harvest Pumpkin Pie liqueur, Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and garnished with cinnamon. You can also have whipped cream with it, I decided to not have it. The drink was strong, and was delicious, but after awhile it was too strong for me. I am not always able to drink a lot of rum. Don’t worry Caitlin helped me finish.

Nick got a classic Manhattan on the rocks, and loved it.

For dinner Caitlin and I split two of the entree specials

IMG 4204
Surf & Turf with jumbo shrimp

Seasoned Cod Special with chickpea puree and sautéed spinach source

Nick ordered the Kobe burger, and in all fairness we were starving when we got there, he was almost finished his burger by the time Cait and I had finished photographing and instagramming our beauties. Blogger problems.

I have to say splitting our food was the best idea ever, we both were able to try some amazing dishes.

We were all still a bit hungry after our dinner, so Nick ordered cheesecake and Cait and I ordered another round of drinks and a savory dish to share.

IMG 4207
Blood Orange Sparkler with Prosecco. I had seen it on Andres instragram feed and knew I had to have it.

C2e9b96a261111e2912322000a1f933e 7
Baked Lamb Meatballs with Onion Jam and Yogurt Sauce source

Since Cait loves Greek food and well I do too, Nick’s Greek, how could I not? We had to go for the Greek style dish on the menu.

These were melt in your mouth perfect. Every flavor melded perfectly together, the warmth of the meatballs and sweet and tangy flavors of the onion jam and yogurt sauce, perfect taste on a piece of crusty bread. Best decision ever.

And since Nick’s cheesecake was huge we were able to taste that too. What a perfect night of food, and the company was even better!

11 3 12 rooftop8
Nick, Me and Caitlin source

We all know how this night ended, but man was it worth it.

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  1. AHHH THIS POST MADE ME GRIN FROM EAR TO EAR. Loved spending time with you and my fellow Manhattan man! And so glad you got to meet Andres. yeah we can't eat anywhere else ever UNLESS it's at your in laws house for Greek food?! Please text me about Saturday or Sunday hangout time! <3 you

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