What to pack for race day?

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As we all know, I am running the Nike Women’s Marathon – Half on Sunday. I am excited for the race and I have a few goals in mind, goals I will probably share post race. But I have finished a half-marathon previously, so what am I nervous about?

The packing! It is easy when you are in your own house and you are able to do something last minute or you have a pantry full of your staples, but how do you pack for a race that includes a flight?

I know that I need my clothes, fuel, chargers, but what are the little items that I can’t remember?

What are the must-have items on your packing list?

It’s a beautiful day

It’s a beautiful day…for a run.

Yesterday, Monday – maybe it’s just a MA thing, but Columbus Day is a bank holiday, no schools, some companies have the day off, etc… and what better way to celebrate a day off than with a 10k?

This is to be my last long run before Nike next weekend! It was also going to be my second 10k, well second 10k that I raced. I was again racing with some of my fellow Fitfluential‘s and was given the opportunity to run from Reebok. It’s funny, when I first started running 5ks a lot of my running friends said “run the Tufts 10k with me” and my response was always along the lines of “I could never run 6 miles” OHHHH how the times have changed.

So what is the Tufts 10K?

The Tufts Health Plan 10K for Women has its origins in 1977, when it was known as the Bonne Bell Mini Marathon. It was one of a series of 12 races for women that were held across the country.

Although only 200 women had been expected to participate that first year, 2,231 women ran and walked the course that began and ended at the Hyatt Regency in Cambridge. The first race included a series of 17 steps, an unusual feature in a foot race.

In 1978, the race moved to the Boston Common and the course was certified on its present route.
via Tufts website

They sent me a shirt to wear for the race and of course my favorite Reebok crossfit socks.

IMG 3954

I, unfortunately, missed the FitFluential meet up, but I was able to see some of my support system at the Team In Training booth. My coach was actually running the race, along with a TNT alum and another friend.

IMG 4002
Liz, Allison, Kerry and I – at the start line.

One of my few complaints from this race was the walk to the start. I try not to waste any energy by running to the start, but with so many participants you kind got pushed along. As well as the start time, noon, I do not know how to fuel properly for that.

Other than that the race was wonderful, the weather was perfect, nice and cool, cloudy, and tons of race support! I learned my lesson from my previous 10k and started out conservatively. I was impressed with the race, there were tons of spectators out and the water stations were plentiful on the course, one at every mile and 2 during mile 4. It was awesome running through the Boston streets with all traffic closed down, it’s the closest I am going to get to running Boston for a long time.

I ran around a 14 – 14:30 min per mile, but I started getting hungry around mile 5 and was starting to feel weak. I held back a little bit because I did not want to burn out and get sick. I was running closer to 14:45 towards the end and once I hit the straight away into the finish I picked it up and my last 0.2 were in 13 min pace.

I ran through the finish and had the honor of having my name announced (always fun) and checked my watch, my garmin read 1:30:011, that’s a 4 minute PR from my previous PR, it just proves to me I can continue to get faster and continue to get better with my own running.

IMG 4004

I met up with a few friends at the end and then I headed home to spend some quality time with my family. If you are in the area, I definitely recommend this race to you. It is an amazing race being surrounded by health & fitness minded women, there is just nothing like it.

Disclaimer: Reebok provided my race gear and entry fee, but as always all thoughts are my own.

High Five Friday

You still have a few days left to enter the Wild Harvest giveaway!

Last week was such a success I am linking up with Meg again for High Five Friday to celebrate others successes, achievements and abilities for the week!


I am high giving myself this week for getting back into being accountable for my diet, and for not comparing myself or my journey to others. I have a really hard time with that one. It pays off, I was recently asked to do blogging for something I really care about. More details soon, I promise.

looking forward to some QT with this girl soon!

Now onto some of my friends that definitely deserve a high five this week.

To Caitlin and Elizabeth, both who have been great inspirations in my blogging and running life. They were both featured in the Whole Foods Magazine!

To one of my favorite bloggers, Pavement Runner, for confronting his feelings and sharing them with the blogging world, sometimes it can be tough to be so open and honest about how we really feel. PR has been a huge inspiration when it comes to running for a lot of people, and his reaction just proves that he always will be, regardless of missed opportunities. There is something great for you out there!

Last, but certainly not least, to one of my blogging inspirations, MizFit, whose workout skirts are finally launched…and super cute, love them!

What are you high giving yourself about this week?

Playlist Thursday: Childhood Memories

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I am linking up with Pavement Runner today. I LOVE his music posts, mostly because I am always looking for new running songs to add to my playlist.

Playlist thursday logo

Today’s theme is: Songs from childhood, in honor of Pavement Runner’s little girls first birthday.

IMG 0530  Version 2
first a fun toddler photo of yours truly, sassy from the beginning.

For current, I decided to go with an artist from my childhood who is still currently in the music scene.


Artist: Cyndi Lauper
Title: Girls Just Want To Have Fun
Side Note: If you were a young girl in the 80’s I bet you had a sleepover and listened to this song on repeat, and likely watched the movie. And shout out to Pavement Runner on the lyrics, since you have a little girl

Food Staples & a giveaway!

Ever since I won the Wild Harvest Breakfast Showdown everyone has been asking what I was going to buy with my GIANT gift card.

IMG 4116
Thanks Caitlin :)

I’ll be honest, my list is sort of boring…












-Sweet Potatos






Everyday Items

-Lunch Meat


-Peanut Butter




-Chocolate Squares





The $500 went a lot faster than I expected, but we have 3 mouths to feed, and you would be surprised how much the little one eats, today’s snack was half a butternut squash, HALF.

If you remember, for the breakfast showdown Wild Harvest sent each participant a box with 10 items to create a healthy breakfast.

IMG 2693
this is my winning dish!

The items were:
-Animal Crackers – the whole family loves these

-Peach Mango Salsa – I used to never eat salsa, now I put this on everything; eggs, chicken, salad, fish, I could go on.


-Black Beans


-Creamy Peanut Butter!

-Cherry Vanilla Granola – um so good!

-Ginger – perfect for fall baking

-Cayenne Pepper

-coupon for eggs

And now you can win this very box, I know Wild Harvest products are not available everywhere, so you better enter so you can get your hands on those coveted animal crackers.

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Contest is open until October 10 at midnight EST.

Four Burgers

I have been a little behind on my tweeting lately, we are moving out of our condo in a few weeks and just have a lot going on associated with that. I have been trying to spend B’s nap time packing and cleaning, but I still take my blog reading/tweeting breaks.

A few weeks ago I saw this tweet.

IMG 3930

Before I followed them, I checked out their site. The basis behind four burgers is that there are FOUR burgers you can choose from, I will get to those, but first, the BEEF.

The burgers are all natural, local north east family farms grass fed beef raised without hormones, antibiotics or steroids. I can’t get behind this enough. Nick and I are all about eating local and knowing all about where our food comes from so this was right up our alley.

You don’t need me to tell you that supporting the smaller local farm, is better for the land, the environment and of course the community.

I decided to follow the company on twitter and low and behold:

IMG 3931

I got in touch with the man behind the twitter and he was going to set up a burger extravaganza for Nick and I. We decided to cash that in this Saturday, we had a babysitter and needed a break from the packing and moving stress. We were told we could go to the Cambridge location, which was closer to us, instead of Boston. Unfortunately when we got there the employees didn’t know we were coming, but they were awesome, I just showed them the email and tweet saying I had won, and then gave Nick and I a free burger, side and drink.

So what can you get?

  • Natural, Grass Fed, Locally Sources Beef Burger
  • Organic-Vegan Black Bean Burger – with mango bbq sauce, lettuce and tomato OR salsa, guacamole and lettuce
  • All Natural Turkey Burger – with cranberry chutney
  • Salmon Burger – with sesame slaw and soy mayo
  • #5 The Special Burger – Yankee Farms Bison, North Star Lamb, Durham Ranch Wild Boar, or Ostrich. Not always available.

Now lets build our burger


  • Sesame Seed White
  • Whole Wheat
  • Gluten Free
  • No bun, you get a small salad instead!


    • CHEESE - Vermont Cheddar, Pepperjack, Blue, Swiss, Sharp Provolone, American, Herb Havarti, Smoked Gouda
    • EXTRAS - NH Smoked Bacon, Sautéed Mushrooms, Caramelized Onions, Sautéed Onions, Sautéed Peppers, Fried Egg, House Cured Jalapeño Peppers, Carrots, Guacamole, Salsa, Chipotle Mayo, Dijon Mustard, House Sauce

    For sides you can get a salad, hand cut french fries, sweet potato fries or half & half fries. They also have a plethora of desserts, as well as beer, wine and soft drinks.

    They take your order at the counter
    IMG 3912

    Give you a number

    IMG 3915

    And they bring you your food. It couldn’t have taken more than 15 or 20 minutes.

    So what’d we get?

    Nick’s – Beef burger with lettuce, tomato, cheddar, Jalapeño peppers and house sauce. Side house cut french fries.
    IMG 3916

    Mine – Beef burger with lettuce, tomato, cheddar, onions and house sauce. Side of half and half fries.

    IMG 3917
    sorry for the blurry photo

    Clearly, we hated our meals.
    IMG 3918

    The burger was one of the best burgers I have had in a long time. You can really tell the difference between crappy slime beef, and good, hormone free beef. The burgers were juicy and cooked perfectly, Nick and I prefer our meat at different temperatures and you could tell the difference (medium vs medium well). The cheese was nice and melted and the house sauce was the perfect amount, at least on mine, there was a bit more on Nick’s and it got all over his hands, the buns were also toasted, a huge bonus.

    The french fries were perfect, I sorta hate soggy and crispy fries, and very few restaurants get them right in the middle. These were in that sweet spot, my only issue being that it was mostly regular cut with a dozen or so sweet potato thrown in.

    I actually really struggled deciding which burger to get because all four sounded delicious, and we eat salmon, turkey and black bean burgers at home.

    The service was excellent, more than one employee came to our table to ask us how we liked our food, and no they didn’t know I was a blogger, they asked other tables as well. The place was constantly busy the entire time we were there (7 pm on a Saturday night) but the wait was never very long. If you are in the Cambridge or Boston area I HIGHLY suggest you check out Four Burgers.

    Nick and I are going back this weekend, and you better believe that I will be trying something different.

    If you went to Four Burgers which burger would you get?

    Disclaimer: The meal was complimentary but all opinions are my own.