What to pack for race day?

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As we all know, I am running the Nike Women’s Marathon – Half on Sunday. I am excited for the race and I have a few goals in mind, goals I will probably share post race. But I have finished a half-marathon previously, so what am I nervous about?

The packing! It is easy when you are in your own house and you are able to do something last minute or you have a pantry full of your staples, but how do you pack for a race that includes a flight?

I know that I need my clothes, fuel, chargers, but what are the little items that I can’t remember?

What are the must-have items on your packing list?

9 thoughts on “What to pack for race day?

  1. Make sure you make a list!! It is easy to assume you'll remember socks and underwear, but those are things you don't want to forget!! I would also recommend packing a couple of extra shirts you can layer in case of weather change, headbands, hat/gloves (if needed), and I'm going to pack some simple stuff for breakfast on race day (oats). See you soon!

  2. I just posted the same thing on my page! I am more nervous now about what to pack then the race! I will check back to see what your readers say. I got a few good answers too on my Running While Mommy fb page. We should compare notes later, LOL!

  3. Definitely make a list! And don't forget that it's chilly in SF in the mornings and evenings, much more so than most people expect. Layers for sure. I hope that I have a chance to meet up with you all over the weekend! My schedules a little screwy but I'm hoping that something works out. Good luck!!

  4. Lay out your entire race day outfit. That is a MUST. Everything else can be replaced or purchased.

    I mean, lay it out on the floor from head to toe. Shoes, socks, pants, under garments, shirt, food, water, belt, watch, gloves, headphones, id, etc…

    Carry all of that with you in carry on (if flying). Those are things that cannot get lost.

    Clothes for after if you need it, clothes for before if you get cold that you can toss….

  5. I hate when I am doing a race out of town…especially a triathlon because I am always afraid that I will forget something important! I like to buy a huge thing of water because I'm not sure about hotel water and like to stay hydrated. I also bring my own breakfast. Don't forget your post race comfies and flip flops. Good luck and enjoy!!

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