Fitness Friday: Race Schedule and My Fitness Inspiration

Fitness Friday is BACK!

First up! My race itinerary from now until October. I am using the last 6 weeks of my training to get in to race mode. I am still doing my weekly runs and track workouts, but my weekend runs have been replaced by road races.

September 15 – I am running the Canton Road Race 10k with Reebok and Fitfluential. This will be my first race that is longer than a 5k, I am super excited and also super nervous!

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September 22 – This is my last long run before my half! 11 Miles. So my coach and another teammate and I are running the Salem Wicked Half. I realize that I am completing a half before my real half. The game plan, go all out for the first 11 miles, and walk/use the last 2.1 miles for cool down.

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October 8 – My last training run before the big day. I am running the Tufts 10k for Women. This race is near my town and I have had friends run it every year, but honestly the 10k distance intimidated me for such a long time. I am pumped for this.


October 14 – THE BIG ONE. The race I have been training all summer for. The Nike Women’s Half!

IMG 3582


Are you running any of these? Let me know if you’d like to meet up!

For the second part of Fitness Friday, my fitness inspiration!

I entered this competition on Pinterest, but it really got me thinking…who is my fitness inspiration. Not just the people who support me emotionally, like my amazing husband and family, or my friends. These are the people that understand my fitness craziness.

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

The answer is in this picture.
IMG 0975
who is sick of this photo? ha

I would never have started seriously running if it wasn’t for two of the people here, I also don’t think I would enjoy this journey as much without either of them alongside me.

The first being my trainer, he constantly is pushing me beyond what I think is possible and he is definitely my running inspiration. Completing an IronMan and PRing a half-ironman a few days after a bike accident, seriously he is insane, in a good way obviously. When I doubted my athletic abilities, or when I had a break down about not being able to run a half-marathon, he had my back and gave me support on my running. Our relationship has evolved from trainer & trainee to friends. I am so glad that I have him to confide in about my athletic worries.

not our most attractive photo..

The other is my best friend, Casey. She has always been into working out, being fit and running. When we first started hanging out she was training for duathalons, and we started going to boot camp together, running fun runs together. She and my trainer got me to sign up for my first Spartan Race and I have been hooked on mud/fun runs ever since.

She has always cheerleader my fitness accomplishments and has always been supportive, even of my crazy ideas.

I can’t thank either of these two enough for their support.

Who is your fitness inspiration?

Playlist Thursday: Innuendos

I am linking up with Pavement Runner today. I LOVE his music posts, mostly because I am always looking for new running songs to add to my playlist, but because of the format of his posts.

Playlist thursday logo

Today’s theme is: Innuendo. Not talking about what the song means, just songs that clearly mean something more than what the song is on a surface level.


Artist: Aerosmith

Title: Walk This Way

Side Note: I like the version with RUN DMC, but I went for the classic for you all today. This song is more than just about a high school dance…but then again what Aerosmith song doesn’t have some sort of innuendo?

Quotable: I was a high school loser, never made it with a lady. Till the boys told me somethin’ I missed. Then my next door neighbor with a daughter had a favor. So I gave her just a little kiss. Like this!


Artist: Flo Rida

Title: Whistle

Side Note: Um, this song is so dirty and yet so catchy.

Quotable:Can you blow my whistle baby, whistle baby. Let me know. Girl I’m gonna show you how to do it. And we start real slow.


Artist: Brand New

Title: Sic Transit Gloria…Glory Fades

Side Note: I used to listen to Brand New a ton when I was in college, and I still do on occasion. This was one of my favorite songs. I always thought that this song was about preserving your innocence…and I guess in a sense it is.

Quotable: He is the lamb, she is the slaughter.
She’s moving way too fast and all he wanted was to hold her. Nothing that he tells her is really having an effect.

What do you think these songs are about?

The end of summer

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed a lot of Greek photos this past weekend.

The end of summer for me comes when it is the Greek Festival in Orange, CT. Our weekend started off slowly, we relaxed for a good part of Saturday.

IMG 3640

Starting our lunch with a real Greek Salad. Tomato, Cucumber, Onion, Feta and Olive Oil from Greece.

This salad is one of my favorite parts of summer, I am always sad when tomatoes are not in season.

IMG 3643

B is starting to walk! I can’t believe it. I cannot believe that my baby is almost 14 months old.

IMG 3645

So determined and so proud of himself!

IMG 3647

Frappe Seriously, Greek coffee is so so good.

After a few hours at the festival with family and friends we headed home.

Sunday, we relaxed with a friend and that included a trip to a new self-serve fro yo place. Red Velvet & Vanilla yogurt, delicious combo!

IMG 3651

We also spent some quality time at a friends BBQ, and had some great conversations. Let me tell you, adult conversation is so nice. I am used to conversation with B or just Nick on a daily basis, so it was nice to add some other people into that mix.

While our weekend was relaxing, the past 2 days have not been. I ended up taking B to the doctor, he has been crying and in pain every time he pee’s, which meant the doctor had to catherize him and take a urine sample. We find out the results of that soon, hopefully everything is okay!

How did you spend your long weekend?