Breaking the cardinal rule of racing

Thank you for all your comments on yesterday’s post! I do consider myself a runner, but I don’t always feel like I am in the same league as “the real runners”.

Now let’s talk about everything I did wrong with race day.

I broke the cardinal rule of running. Don’t try anything new on race day. Whoops.

I kept getting crummy tummy, that’s the best way I have ever heard it described, after long runs even though I was hydrated and fueled properly. So I decided I needed to try something new, race day probably wasn’t the best time but it was my planned long run.

I usually take 1 Gu type of fuel before my run, and take something every hour after that. Instead, Saturday, I decided to take 3 shot bloks 15 minutes before gun time, an hour into running I took 3 more, and at the 2 hour mark I took one gu. Honestly, I felt great, I think too much gu just sort of hangs around my stomach like a brick, the shot bloks seemed to digest a bit better.

The other problem, is that I was on a runners high from the time I left until I got home, and then I looked at the photo’s my coach took at the finish line and I was disgusted with how I looked. I count my calories, I eat healthy 90% of the time and I work out 6 days a week. And I just cannot get this belly bulge to go away, frustrating. And I am frustrated that instead of focusing on this huge accomplishment I am focused on the negative stuff.

I am working hard on eating clean and training hard until Nike, and then I will rock it! Only 3 more weeks!

17 thoughts on “Breaking the cardinal rule of racing

  1. Nice job! It sounds like you had to try something different, and it paid off, so no drama, right? :-)

    I don;t know if anyone EVER likes those photos – remember you aren't standing up straight and looking your best in a race. Today someone asked 'what can you do today that you couldn't do a year ago?'' – ask yourself that, and I bet you'll be a little less worried about the bulge that will go over time. xx

  2. Has anyone ever taken a good picture during or at the end of a race? You did great, and regardless of trying something new it did not harm you. The belly is so hard to get to go away, I've lost almost 60 lbs and mine is still there, and I've come to terms with the fact that it will continue being there, for longer than I want, and will probably be the last part of me to fad away.

    You did awesome, focus on that instead of negatives!

  3. Sounds like your "something new" paid off. Glad that it did. Crummy tummy is a no no on ANY run.

    I want to say something about not focussing on visual appearances, and I know it's always easier said than done. But YOU FRIGGIN ran a race and 3 weeks later you are running another. Do you know how rock star that is? Own it girl. You are a superstar and making progress. Be happy with the direction you are going. Keep inspiring, motivating and when those fire fighters in tuxedos put a Tiffany neckalce around you? Say: "That's right's I'm a bad ass chick!"

  4. Thanks PR – I always appreciate your perspective on my posts! I definitely need to focus more on the positive and less on the negatives, because I know they will change eventually!

    Hopefully see you in a few weeks, when I'm a rock star!

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