High Five Friday

I am finally linking up with Meg for High Five Friday to celebrate others successes, achievements and abilities for the week!


We all know what I would high five myself for, finishing my first half-marathon, all my complaining and frustrations aside, I am super proud of myself. I also made my fundraising minimum for Team In Training! Woohoo.

IMG 3874

I want to give a high five to a few people this week.

First to Kierston and Nicole for completing their first half-marathons. What a great accomplishment!

One of my favorite blends, Caitlin, for her one year blogiversary. I can’t believe she has only been blogging for a year. She is a wonderful person and I am so honored to have met her and gotten to know her these past few months!

Give some love to Lisa, she recorded her first blog, and I have to say I think it was great. I still have yet to get over my nervousness so props to her!

Madeline ran her first 5k and rocked it, actually her entire family did well!

Last, but certainly not least to my hurricane, Heather, for attempting the Spartan ULTRA Beast, while she did not finish, she most definitely is an inspiration and hero to me, I don;t think I would have the guts to even sign up and she was phenomenal. Show her some love!

Who are you high-fiving this week?

Fundraising Winners & Playlist Thursday: Viewers Choice

First things first, the 4 giveaway winners, and SURPRISE I have one extra case of Carb Boom, so there are 5 winners.

If the winners do not want their winnings I will pick a new winner.

I want to apologize, this was supposed to go out yesterday afternoon, but I cut my finder open while trying to cut open a butternut squash and it hurt to type, thanks for bearing with me.

First Giveaway Package

IMG 3893

Winner – Caitlin and Shawn

Second Giveaway Package

IMG 3891

Winner – Johanna

Third Giveaway Package

IMG 3892

Winner – Walter

Local Giveaway Package

IMG 3889

Winner – Nick

Bonus Package!

IMG 3894

Winner – Team Bashley

If you still would like to donate you can still do that here!

Now onto Playlist Thursday!

I am linking up with Pavement Runner today. I LOVE his music posts, mostly because I am always looking for new running songs to add to my playlist, but because of the format of his posts.

Playlist thursday logo

Today’s theme is: Viewers Choice. I have decided to pick slow songs. Slower songs that still make me move.


Artist: Ray LaMontagne
Title: You Are the Best Thing
Side Note: I used this song for B’s one year of life video. It makes me think of him, it makes me want to be better and healthier for him, and it makes me want to be a great role model.
Quotable: Oh because, you are the best thing. You are the best thing. You are the best thing. Ever happened to me.


Artist: Demi Lovato
Title: Give Your Heart a Break
Side Note: I think this song speaks to me because it’s not so much about my heart as it is about giving myself a break on the criticism that I hand to myself.
Quotable: I know you’re scared it’s wrong. Like you might make a mistake. There’s just one life to live. And there’s no time to wait, to waste. So let me give your heart a break.


Artist: Of Monsters & Men
Title: Little Talks
Side Note: I listened to this song ON REPEAT on the way to my first half-marathon.
Quotable: Though the truth may vary. This ship will carry. Our bodies safe to shore

Breaking the cardinal rule of racing

Thank you for all your comments on yesterday’s post! I do consider myself a runner, but I don’t always feel like I am in the same league as “the real runners”.

Now let’s talk about everything I did wrong with race day.

I broke the cardinal rule of running. Don’t try anything new on race day. Whoops.

I kept getting crummy tummy, that’s the best way I have ever heard it described, after long runs even though I was hydrated and fueled properly. So I decided I needed to try something new, race day probably wasn’t the best time but it was my planned long run.

I usually take 1 Gu type of fuel before my run, and take something every hour after that. Instead, Saturday, I decided to take 3 shot bloks 15 minutes before gun time, an hour into running I took 3 more, and at the 2 hour mark I took one gu. Honestly, I felt great, I think too much gu just sort of hangs around my stomach like a brick, the shot bloks seemed to digest a bit better.

The other problem, is that I was on a runners high from the time I left until I got home, and then I looked at the photo’s my coach took at the finish line and I was disgusted with how I looked. I count my calories, I eat healthy 90% of the time and I work out 6 days a week. And I just cannot get this belly bulge to go away, frustrating. And I am frustrated that instead of focusing on this huge accomplishment I am focused on the negative stuff.

I am working hard on eating clean and training hard until Nike, and then I will rock it! Only 3 more weeks!

Can I call myself a runner now?

Another weekend has passed which means another race is in the books. This one is something I thought I would never accomplish.

I finished my first half-marathon. Holy crap, I can’t even believe I typed those words.

I ran 11 miles of the Wicked Half Marathon as per my training plan, and I walked 2.2 miles.

The morning started very early, race time was 7 am, so I needed to be out of the house by 6. I had prepped all my stuff the night before, so all I needed to do was get up, make & eat breakfast, do my morning routine and leave the house. Easy, right?

The night before I was full of nerves, emailing my Team In Training coach and not sleeping through the night. When I woke up, I had no choice, I knew I was prepared to run 11 and I just needed to DO IT.

It was pretty chilly but the long bathroom lines and nerves definitely made me forget the temperature. Before I knew it we were lining up to start and just like that we were off.

The first 4 miles were great, they were hilly & tough, but my legs felt great and mentally I felt fine. The race course was awesome, we ran through Salem and into Marblehead alongside the ocean. It was foggy buy you could see the beach and smell the salt water. I couldn’t think of a better first race course.

I took some fuel right before mile 5, my coach passed me at this point and it was nice to see a smiling face. I had this. I got a little nervous around miles 5 and 6 since there wasn’t a ton of race support and since I was in the back of the pack there were not any other runners that I could see. I kept wondering if I was going the right way.

Around mile 7.5 my upper thigh muscle started to hurt, I tried walking and massaging it for a bit to see if that would help. I ended up walking one of my miles at this point. I started to get in my head, thinking I can’t do this, why was I so foolish to sign up for this!? After a mile I started jogging and slowly increased my speed. I definitely was not running the same min/miles as I was in the first half of the race and that was disappointing, but at least I was running.

Miles 8.5 – 11 were pretty uneventful, lots of hills, at mile 11 I was going to walk my other 1.2 because I knew I wanted to run in to the finish. I met a woman from North Carolina who was running her first half and we power walked together. Once my watch hit 12.2 I started running again, I had to run past my parked car (what a tease) and other finished runners so I kept picking up my pace.

As I was coming into the finishers chute, I saw another TNT coach, my mentor, a TNT runner (and one of the alums that helped with our team) and they were all cheering me on. As I came through the finish, the announcer was congratulating me on my first half-marathon finish and my coach was waiting for me! It was so exhilarating, coming through the finish.


I have never considered myself a runner, so can I know? I don’t know. My finishing time was 3:18:12, I know some people can run marathons in that time, and sometimes that makes me feel like less of a runner, even though I know I shouldn’t. I am still very proud of what I did this weekend!


Finisher Medal

I have a lot more to say on this, but I will get to that later this week! When did you start consider yourself a runner?

I can honestly say I would have never gotten this far without my running coach from TNT, without my trainer and without the friends and family who have continued to support me!

48 Hour Fundraiser

Saturday morning I am running my longest run to date and my longest run before the Nike half-marathon. In honor of that I am holding a fundraiser, the catch? It is for 48 hours ONLY.

IMG 3563

I am in the final push to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society through my Team In Training efforts. I have FOUR great gift packages. For every $13.10 donation you will receive one entry in to the raffle.

First, donate here! Again, $13.10 gets you one entry, for each additional $13.10 you receive another entry. Example $50 = 3 Entries.

Let me tell you a little about where your money goes before I tell you about the great prizes.

✷76.2% of all funds go to research projects, grants, financial assistance to patients, producing educational material and videos and run support groups.

✷$25 provides patients and their loved ones with FREE booklets that contain up-to-date information on their disease and help them make informed decisions about their treatment options.

✷$50 makes possible a Family Support group with a trained facilitator where comfort can be found and experiences can be shared among patients and family members.

✷$100 helps supply laboratory researchers with supplies and materials critical to carrying out their search for cures.

✷$500 could provide patient aid to THREE patients with Leukemia or a related cancer for a year.

✷$1,000 makes possible one-on-one conversations with health care specialists who provide patients with information about their disease, treatment options, and helps prepare them with questions for their health care team.


Now onto the prizes!

First ($140 value):

✷Gift card to Lululemon

✷CASE of Carb Boom gels

✷Team In Training NUUN

✷Water Bottle

Second ($130 value):

✷Gift Card to Starbucks

Sparklysoul Headband and Fit Approach SweatPink shoelaces

✷CASE of Carb Boom gels

✷Team In Training NUUN

✷Water Bottle

Third ($130 value)

✷Gift Card to Johnny Cupcakes (apparel)

✷CASE of Carb Boom gels

✷Team In Training NUUN

✷Water Bottle

Fourth – The local package ($125 value)

✷Gift Card to Marathon Sports

✷Gift Card to Emack & Bolio

✷CASE of Carb Boom gels

✷Team In Training NUUN

✷Water Bottle

I will contact all the winners on Wednesday! Good luck and GO TEAM!

Photo 4  Version 2

When things don’t go as planned…

I have a really hard time not getting frustrated when things don’t go they way I planned on. You’d think that with a toddler, who has been unpredictable since day one that I wouldn’t let it bother me. Well, usually, when it involves B, I don’t, but when it is something that is just for me, then I get cranky.

Today I was headed to City Sports to meet up with my friends at Reebok and to get in a nice training run with others who are running the Tufts 10k. I needed to be their at 5:45, I live about 15 minutes away, I gave myself TRIPLE the amount of time to get there. I of course hit rush hour traffic, no big deal, I was about a mile away and still had 20 minutes to spare. And then I came upon this.

IMG 3859

Taillights lit up as far as I could see, ugh. The clock was getting closer and closer to 6:00 and eventually surpassed 6:10 and 6:20, I wanted to scream in frustration, I wanted to cry because this was my night, and I hadn’t done my usually morning workouts because of a doctor appointment, I had NO backup plan.

Of course as soon as I made it to City Sports, I found parking right outside, I ran in and of course the running group had left, I didn’t expect them to wait for me, although when I heard that they waited a little bit I felt so incredibly guilty. I got a nice gift bag from Reebok and headed home. Still frustrated.

IMG 3862

I need a lesson on how to get over this type of stuff…

At least I had a great view when I got home.

IMG 3860

I still love you Boston, even if the traffic sucks!

We Run This

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you have probably seen my pictures and tweets getting ready for my first 10k road race this past Saturday.

With six other Fitfluential Ambassadors, we were given the opportunity to run either the 5k or 10k for Reebok at the Canton Road Race.

Reebok was awesome and sent all seven of us bright matching outfits!


We received an outfit for race day and the Team Reebok event t-shirt.

Reebok hosted the event at their headquarters and I learned that as a company Reebok launched a program with their fitness apparel, if the mission of the clothing was to “Empower People to be Fit for Life” they wanted their employees to have the opportunity to be fit as well. Reebok employees are encouraged to workout daily, you can even schedule your workout as a meeting, how cool is that? Reebok employees have world class facilities and coachers at the ready, and healthy eating is encouraged. Um, how do I get a job here!?


Shirt: Play Dry Short Sleeve Top in aubergine
Pants: Play Dry Skinny Capri in black
Socks: Reebok CrossFit No Show Socks

I have an irrational fear that my shirt is going to ride up and my pants are going to fall down, and since it was cold, I threw a gray tank on underneath, just in case my fear came true. In retrospect I should have known better, both the shirt and pants stayed put. I already own 3 pairs of Reebok capri’s and they are my favorite running pants, and the Skinny Capri’s did not disappoint, they fit my body perfectly and moved well when I was running. I don’t typically wear t-shirts since they usually make me feel like I don’t have a full range of motion with my arms, but I didn’t even notice I was wearing a t-shirt or tank once I started running. The reebok socks are my favorites, I already had 5 pairs at home. I love love love them, sometimes no-show socks still show over my low sneakers and I hate that, but not these, they are the perfect height.


Nick was sleepy so this was the best non-mirror photo I could get Saturday morning.

On my way to Canton Saturday morning, it started lightly raining, as I pulled into the parking lot. I ran to get my bib and t-shirt and it started down pouring. I quickly ran my shirt to my car then met up with the other Fitfluential Ambassadors, Elizabeth, Tina, Katie, Mattie, Robin and Sarah. Four of the seven were running the 5k, and with the weather and my busy day ahead I was so tempted to also run the 5k but Mattie said she would regret it if she didn’t and I knew I would do. I had never run a 10k road race, and I had 7 miles on the training plan so I needed to run the 10k.

We started a few minutes after the 5k group and the 10k was two loops through a very hilly Canton, I guess this was good preparation for Nike. I typically run a 15 minute mile in practice with Team In Training, so when I looked down at mile 1 and my time was 12:30 I was so impressed with myself. I just wanted to remember to not blow out too fast and not worry about my place or pace. Mile 2 was 14 minutes, and I knew it was because of a hill I struggled with, when I hit the 3rd mile marker my pace was 13 minutes. As some 10k runners were closing in on the finish, including Mattie, I was starting my second loop.

I’ve never been one to be concerned with my pace, while 13 minutes is not super fast, I also don’t think it is an unexpected pace in a run. I’ve run 5k’s at a 15 minute pace and been in the middle of the pack. I came up on what I thought was the turn to head towards the mile 4 marker and the notification signs had been taken down and the volunteers were gone, as I came up on the water station it was being taken down as well, because they were told there were no more runners on the course. There were still runners behind me so I notified the volunteers and I asked if they could tell the second water station. I was a little frustrated at this point, I was having a personal great race, yet I felt rushed and slow, which is where I start to mentally lose it. I get angry at myself that I am not fast enough. I tried to not let it get the best of me, but when I got to the second water station all that was there was one bottle of water. I tried to pick up the pace and just get back to the finish and not feel super slow.

As I closed in on the last .2 miles the volunteers were still very encouraging and cheering me in. When I ran in, I saw Sarah almost immediately, and took this awesome picture.


I am super red and sweaty and she looks great!

We even got our results within an hour of finishing the race, in an email, I have never experienced that before and I thought it was pretty cool, it was nice to not have to wait a few days for results.

Looking back, I am extremely happy that I ran the 10k, even at an average of 14 minute miles, and that I ran my first 10k. Reebok treated everyone wonderfully and I had a great time with my fellow Fitfluential’s. I hope next time there is more water

It’s a PARTY and Blood Cancer Awareness Month.

September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month. There is no better time than now to donate to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s (LLS). Your donation will help find cures and better treatments for leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma. There are still children and adults who are not surviving blood cancer, because they do not have the finances or resources, and I am trying to provide them with that.

A donation of $500 could provide patient aid to THREE patients with Leukemia or a related cancer for a year. That is $1 from each one of my followers, less than your daily cup of coffee!

Along with one of my teammates from Team In Training, we are hosting a fundraising party at The Greatest Bar (Friend Street) in Boston and you are invited. We have been training with TNT and raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Help us raise money to beat cancer and have fun while doing it! This is something you can be a part of even if you are NOT local to Boston.

IMG 3595  Version 2
just after our first 10 miler!

$10 at the door (includes 2 raffle tickets), a fun TNT drink and a raffle. All proceeds go to Team In Training Fundraising. You will be able to buy additional raffle tickets at the event, $5 for 1 and $10 for 3.

Raffle prizes so far include:

Gift Card to any Legal Seafoods Restaurant

A Lululemon Outfit

SparklySoul Headbands


Gift Card to The Cheesecake Factory

Voucher for a dinner for TWO at Texas Roadhouse

THREE gift cards to Johnny Cupcakes

THREE runner goodie bags – which includes fuel (gu, carbboom, nuun, etc…), laces, head gear, hand held water bottles and more!

Cake pops & cupcakes for a donation!

Bring your friends and have a fun Saturday night while benefitting a great cause!

Here is where it gets fun, if you are local, we would love to have you join us. If you are not local you can buy raffle tickets, all you need to do is email me at cupcakekelly21@gmail.com with the subject TNT fundraiser.

Or if you would just like to donate, you can do that here. Every donation from here until the race is going to get a dedicated mile on the race. There will also be another giveaway with three prizes including Lululemon and Starbucks, that anyone who donates online from here until September 28 is eligible for.

IMG 3582

I appreciate all your support on my journey to becoming a half-marathoner!

Playlist Thursday: Epic

I am linking up with Pavement Runner today. I LOVE his music posts, mostly because I am always looking for new running songs to add to my playlist, but because of the format of his posts.

Playlist thursday logo

Today’s theme is: Epic. Songs that will live on forever, good or bad. Songs that are of your generation. The songs I pick may not be from my generation but are still epic songs.


Artist: Beastie Boys

Title: So What’cha Want

Side Note: I know most people associate my generation with

Nirvana, but I never got it. I have been a Beastie Boy lover for as long as I can remember. Also this is my favorite rock band song.

Quotable: Well it’s wack when you’re jacked in the back of a ride. With your know with your flow when you’re out getting by. Believe me what you see is what you get. And you see me I’m coming off as you can bet


Artist: Kenny Chesney

Title: Welcome To The Fishbowl

Side Note: I can’t think of any artists that have current songs (besides my bff John Mayer) that could be considered classic artists. So I am going country on this one. Kenny is a classic artist.

Quotable:You don’t have to be famous now to be a star.
Just get caught on video and there ya are. You just lost your privacy. Now you’re swimmin’ around in here with me. Everybody else may know. It’s all a big freak show. Welcome to the fishbowl


Artist: Queen

Title: Somebody To Love

Side Note: I love Queen, I think Freddie Mercury’s death was such a loss to the music world, there will never be another musician quite like him. Also, if you only know the Glee version, please do yourself and listen to the original.

Quotable: Got no feel, I got no rhythm. I just keep losing my beat. I’m ok, I’m alright. Ain’t gonna face no defeat. I just gotta get out of this prison cell. Someday I’m gonna be free, Lord!

What are your epic songs?

Celebrate We Will

I had a blast this weekend, I was honored to be a part of my best friends special day. It seems like just yesterday that I got a text saying she had met her now husband, and now they are married!

The wedding was awesome! It had so many unique DIY touches that were amazing. At each place setting was a mad libs-esque card that you filled out for advice for the couple. The ring bearers carried a sign that said “here comes your bride”, and many others. I can’t believe the day has come and gone.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the bridal shower in July and the wedding!

cute favors from the bridal shower

Me, the bride-to-be, and my sister. The three of us have had some crazy times ;)

cute shower cake! I love the bicycle theme.

On Saturday morning, Nick and I made the trek to New Hampshire, for their gorgeous outdoor ceremony.

IMG 2779
getting ready to go down the aisle, she was already tearing up, I really had to look away to not start crying myself.

IMG 2786  Version 2
So happy!

IMG 2798
my sister made the cutest bride & groom cake pops!

IMG 2805
Octoberfest in a mason jar! I loved the mason jars as glasses, such a cute idea.

IMG 2813
my sister and her man during cocktail hour

IMG 2817
Nick and I

IMG 2824
my sister and I. love this.

IMG 2831
name cards, they match the magnets from the shower!

IMG 2850
I love these girls. Also, I have a sweet runners tan.

IMG 2862
the gorgeous couple!

IMG 2911
us, at the end of the night. dance fest sweat face is sexy.

I love you guys, I hope you enjoyed your day and have a blast on your honeymoon!