Playlist Thursday: Most Appearances

I am linking up with Pavement Runner today. I LOVE his music posts, mostly because I am always looking for new running songs to add to my playlist, but because of the format of his posts.

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Today’s theme is: Most Appearances. This means artist appears the most on your playlist! We can bending the rules a bit, list one of their oldest and one of their newest ON YOUR PLAYLIST and let the “consider” be a random song or your favorite. The artist that shows up the most is John Mayer, I don’t care what anyone says, he’s a great artist and a GREAT guitar player! I have seen him a bunch of times live and even met him once!

Oh hello, just a little photo from the last show we saw him at!


Artist: John Mayer

Title: Why Georgia

Side Note: The video is from the last show I saw him at in Boston. This song is about when he dropped out of Berklee College of Music in Boston and just had his guitar take him on this crazy life!

Quotable: I rent a room and I fill the spaces with. Wood in places to make it feel like home. But all I feel’s alone. It might be a quarter life crisis. Or just the stirring in my soul.

The intro is a bit long but worth it, I promise!

Artist: John Mayer

Title: Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, 1967

Side Note: This is John Mayer’s newest single and hands down my favorite song off his new album, Born and Raised. I originally thought the song was about the first solo submarine ride, but the time didn’t make sense. After much digging, Walt Grace was an alcoholic who made a lot of mistakes and turned a new leaf. The song is about how John Mayer was trying to turn a new leaf after the Rolling Stone/Playboy article trouble and all the crap he gets in the media, he took a break, became quiet in society and created this new album.

Quotable: And for once in his life, it was quiet. As he learned how to turn in the tide. And the sky was aflare when he came up for air. In his homemade, fan blade, one-man submarine ride.


Artist: John Mayer Trio

Title: Who Did You Think I Was

Side Note: The John Mayer Trio was a blues band that John Mayer was a part of, however they never completed an entire album. The only single they had was Who Did You Think I Was. I loved this side project and I love when he performs them live. Do yourself and give the music a listen!

Quotable: I got half a smile and zero shame. I got a reflection with a different name. Got a brand new blues I can’t explain. Who did you think I was.

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