This weekends Team In Training run was bittersweet. It was out last official training practice at our location for all the teams.

The next few weeks, we are meeting with other teams or at local races, to get race experience.

It got me thinking, what’s next?

I know I haven’t even run my first half yet, but I know I love my long run Saturdays and I hate running in the winter. So how do I keep this up in the future? The only running friends (well not super fast runners anyway) have been this group, and we will all go our separate ways after the marathon weekends. Running alone is something I will never do, and so I really need to find something to replace my training runs!

Photo 4  Version 2
Me, coach Allison, and teammate Caroline

I mean we will always have this connection and there are some people I can’t imagine NOT talking to after this, but what happens running wise?

I know that I went to keep setting goals for myself and to keep improving.

What did you do after your first big race, and how did you keep the momentum going?

3 thoughts on “Bittersweet.

  1. Awh! That's such a bummer it'll all be done soon! I'm sure youve created such a bond that will be very lasting! I've never trained for a big race, so I cannot relate, but I would definitely keep the momentum high by making out a new plan for yourself and seeking support from your fellow spa sisters like me! to keep you on track w a new set of goals!!! ( after a celebration and rest period, of course!)

  2. I have not run my big race yet. We are on Sept 30th. I am wondering what comes next, but I do run with a big group and then a smaller 5 person group inside of that. I know we will keep going. I am going to do as many halfs as I can. I hope! Maybe you can organize group runs even after this! I bet people will want to join in!


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