SparklySoul Giveaway Winner

Hey All!

I know it should have been done weeks ago but I finally vlogged the winner of the SparklySoul giveaway. Thank you everyone who purchased a headband!

I know I have talked a lot about my fundraising but I haven’t given you any facts, so before we get to the fun stuff here is some serious stuff.

The Facts:

  • Approximately every four minutes, someone new is diagnosed with blood cancer. Approximately every 10 minutes, someone dies.
  • Leukemia causes more deaths than any other cancer among children, adolescents and young adults under the age of 20.
  • Lymphomas are the most common blood cancers and incidence increases with age. The survival rate for myeloma is only 41.1 percent.
  • The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society has invested more than $814 million in research aimed at helping all blood cancer patients live better, longer lives.

If you would like to make a donation (and any donation is going to be considered in the next giveaway (it’s a good one involving lululemon) Every penny counts and I appreciate all donations.

  • A donation of $25 provides patients and their loved ones with FREE booklets that contain up-to-date information on their disease and help them make informed decisions about their treatment options.
  • A donation of $50 makes possible a Family Support group with a trained facilitator where comfort can be found and experiences can be shared among patients and family members.
  • A donation of $100 helps supply laboratory researchers with supplies and materials critical to carrying out their search for cures.
  • A donation of $500 could provide patient aid to THREE patients with Leukemia or a related cancer for a year.
  • A donation of $1,000 makes possible one- on-one conversations with health care specialists who provide patients with information about their disease, treatment options, and helps prepare them with questions for their health care team.

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