HLS12 Day 1

Friday morning started with a workout with a few other bloggers and was led by Kristen!

Lunges with Danielle & Lynda. Photo courtesy of Amanda

After running home and cleaning up, I headed back to HLS for a Whole Foods meet up at the River Street location (my favorite) and then a few of us also hit up Flour in Cambridge. I was still pretty full from lunch so I got an iced coffee and an oreo.


Then it was time for early check-in, where I picked up my name tag and swag bag.

IMG 3537
check-in line

We listened to Derek from Greatist talk for awhile and I met Erin and Allie. After a little chatting Alex and I went back to the hotel room and had a little down time and chatted until we needed to get ready for the cocktail party.

The cocktail party was pretty laid back, but after some chatting with some wonderful bloggers & a glass of champagne, I was exhausted so I headed to bed

I slept okay but was woken up by a phone call around 4:30, Nick called saying B was sick and he needed the car seat, so I headed back to the house and dropped off the car seat. Slept for about an hour then headed back to the conference.

Next up: The sessions!

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  1. Love our workout photo! So nice to meet you and hang out at HLS. Congrats on the recipe win, I can't wait to make it here. Be well, I'm enjoying your blog.

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