TNT Update, PDR & DNS

It’s been awhile since I did a Team In Training update, 2 months actually, so I thought I would let you all know how the running is going. I also want to thank everyone who purchased a headband through my SparklySoul Fundraiser, I will be posting a video of the winner by the end of the week, if you already told me you purchased one that’s fine, if you haven’t then let me know.

In the past two months I have made a conscious effort to go into every run with a good attitude and mentality. The run may not end well, but I am far more unlikely to be grumpy at the end, regardless of the outcome.

My long run is now up to 9 miles! A new PDR (personal distance record) for me. Before training, the longest I had ever run was 5 miles and it was hard, and now I have run 9 miles. It was definitely hard, but I know that all the time and training I have been putting in is definitely paying off.

IMG 3503
Before my run with some of my favorite workout gear. Lululemon tank & socks, Reebok capris, Asics sneakers and of course a SparklySoul headband. I also didn’t realize how much pink I was wearing.

I have made our informal team track workouts a necessity for me. We do a different workout every week and I can see the improvement in my speed on my long runs. My breathing is more even and less labored, and the hills, while still tough, those are getting a tiny bit easier. My first 8 mile run only took 5 more minutes then my last 7 mile run, if that’s not improvement I don’t know what is.

IMG 3506
How I relax after a long run…compression socks, the pink strikes again.

With a PDR their has also been some bad runs and a DNS (did not start) and a shortened training run. Lets talk about the DNS first, I was signed up to run The Color Run, I decided not too. I am definitely bummed I didn’t run the race, but it was also important to me to run my first 8 miler and to do it with my team. I am sort of glad I didn’t run because there were A LOT of race issues, mostly because an accident shutdown major roadways and the point to point race relied heavily on shuttling.

I also recently had to cut an 8 mile run to a 5 miler, and a 5 mile run isn’t something to shake your head at, it is still a wonderful accomplishment, but I was a little frustrated, I had some stomach issues going on, and the humidity was insane, I drank 20 oz of water during my run and I still felt completely dehydrated.

Then of course the 9 miler, I went into the run feeling super confident and I was doing great, until mile 7.5. My lower back started aching and it was painful to run. My awesome coach walked with me, and every time we tried to run, it would be okay at first and then slowly the back pain would creep in again. I am going to try to add a banana to my morning routine, she said that might help. Have you ever had any lower back pain? What did you do? While these things certainly stink, I am also glad I am dealing with them now and I hope that I can get over them before the half!

IMG 3507
The rest of my Saturday was spent relaxing and hanging out with my two favorite guys. The little one was caught trying to steal daddy’s bagel.

I have to add, while I was reluctant at first to dedicate myself to Team In Training because of my own fears of finishing a half marathon or even the ability to run one, I am so happy that I have decided to run Nike with TNT. I have found a wonderful support system of runners, and strangers who have become friends, totally cliche but true. If you are on the fence I would highly recommend you at least try running with your local chapter!

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  1. Do some yoga stretches for low back pain; child's pose, legs against the wall, cat/ cow and forward bends. Wtg on you pdr!

  2. It totally does, Amy! And while I am frustrated my body wasn't cooperating I know I can go out next time and try again & maybe I'll have a better outcome!

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