how do you mourn a lost relationship?

Forgive me today, My mind is all over the place, and therefore my words are too. Typically I don’t read blogs that are all happy all the time. I also don’t like being a downer or complainer, but sometimes our emotions get the best of us. Let me also preface this with saying that friend relationships are completely different than romantic relationships, and this isn’t geared toward that at all

6 thoughts on “how do you mourn a lost relationship?

  1. I wish I had words of wisdom which would take away all of the pain.
    For me with grieving any loss I need to immerse myself in the feelings….not distract or avoid and it's only then I can move through.


  2. I wish I could give you advice but I find myself in a similar situation. Like you, I have always been dependent on my friendships more so than my family. As the years go by and as I have watched many friendships, that were once dear to me, slip away; I have realized a few things. One, I am always the better friend!!! I always make myself available for my friends, to be there for them and help them with whatever they might need. It is almost always never an action that is returned! It is very frustrating! Sometimes I need someone to be there for me. I find myself waiting around until they want to call me or hang. I always say "yes" to whatever plans they have come up with for the day even though when I initiate the plans they cancel on me last minute or simply "forget". Two, I have put too much stock in my friendships. I tend to hang on to people a lot longer than I should. Sometimes I feel like I am missing out on my life because I am waiting to be fit into someone else's.
    I have recently lost a friendship, a strong one, that was in place for about 7-8 years and I can't explain what happened. But this time, I don't feel bad about it. I have tried to talk to her, I have done my part to prevent this from happening, I have no choice but to let this one go. If someone decides that I am THAT easy to let go of than so are they. It hurts, it's sad but I can't control how they feel.
    I have to say, there are some friendships from my past that I let go of that I didn't try that hard to keep and it's those losses that I regret and mourn the most.

  3. I have lost several friendships but I am probably on the other side of what you're experiencing. Many of my friends have started families of their own and either can't or won't come out like they did previously. Personally when I attempted to make time that would fir their schedule (bc of having a husband and kids) I found topics of conversation weren't the same. Being a parent seems to change a person's outlook on life, and that's OK, but when I can't even talk about the same topics in the same way it's time to move on to other friends who have something more in common with me. For me it became a matter of accepting people serve a purpose for a certain amount of time and to grateful for whatever time I had with them

  4. Oh girl … I wish I had something enlightening to say. I have lost friends for many reasons … accidents, illness, growing apart and none of the above is easy. I even "broke up" with my best friend of nearly 10 years the month before my wedding because I was tired of the negativity she brought to my life. The only thing I can do is embrace the amazing times my friends and I had before whatever the reason was that kept us a part.

    Losing a friend to tragedy leaves a heart shattered. I am so sorry for your loss.

  5. This makes me 1) want to give you a hug 2) want to schedule another playdate! I certainly appreciated the drive out you and B made! I'm around and I'd love to me mom/fitness/Greek food lovin friends! :)

  6. It's like you took words right out of my brain. I have struggled with the same kind of thing, and its not easy. I moved to Missouri when I married my husband and had to start from ground zero with friendships. There was a short period of time that I had some girl friends, but they all seemed to move on (figuratively and literally). I have found myself lonely for girlfriends for quite some time now. Working from home, being a mom, a wife… it all can be so overwhelming. I've found some friends in my CrossFit community, none that I'd have an all out girls night with at this point… but I'm putting myself out there. Thats all I can do!

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