As you all know I will be running my first half marathon on October 14 with Team in Training!

In order to make this happen I need help from everyone. Help to find a cure so that those who are living with a blood cancer can beat the disease and continue living their lives.

Want to help? Don’t have a lot of money? Here is a challenge.

Donate $7, yup just $7, to my page. My long run this week is 7 miles, so I am only asking for $7. That is one drink out with your friends, two cups of coffee, a cheap diner breakfast.

If you donated more than $7 you get more entries! Every $7 you donate is ONE entry!

What do you get? If you donate before midnight EST tonight you will get a pack of one thick and one thin of Sweaty Bands ($33 value) and one tube of nuun ($8 value).

If you donate by midnight on sunday EST you get the pack of Sweaty Bands.

A little information on the products, Sweaty Bands are a no slip headband, you can even wear them during your workout and out with friends! They were featured on the Today Show! Check that out here:

Nuun is hands down one of my favorite hydrating products. It is an electrolyte tablet that you put in your water. It has no sugar or carbs, and is a little carbonated. For me personally, I hate the taste of some refueling beverages because they are too sweet. Nuun you can dilute as little or as much as you’d like, and the carbonation really helps settle my stomach.

If you already donated you are in the running for the first prize.

Help us find a cure and donate today!

Also, you will get more fun pictures like this :)

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