B’s Birthday Party

As you all know B turned one last monday, we waited until this past weekend to have his birthday party so that most of our immediate family could attend.

I am going to write real posts about all the aspects that went into this party, but I wanted to share some photos from our weekend!

IMG 2528
my mother-in-law and B at lunch

IMG 2546
oh hey mom

IMG 2565
Love this photo. 2 sets of great grandparents and 2 sets of grandparents, one very lucky little boy.

IMG 2569
the only family photo..

IMG 2579  Version 2
B and my dad

IMG 2574  Version 2
B and Aunt Caty

IMG 2582  Version 2
B and his godparents

IMG 2592  Version 2
B and my sister and her boys

IMG 2595
Imitating Uncle Chris.
IMG 2596

IMG 2600
B and his first cake

IMG 2613  Version 2
Birthday cake

IMG 2614
Cupcakes, recipe coming soon!

IMG 2624
While trying to take a family pic B reached over and stuck is hand in the cake

IMG 2655
Opening one of his gifts in his adorable hat from his godparents

IMG 2661
Yay! Maracas

It was a wonderful day spent with our amazing family!

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  1. I'll post a link to where I got it :). I thought he loved Mickey – so we got him a stuffed Mickey, day 1 he kept throwing him around. Now B gives Mickey kisses haha.

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