Bachelorette Party Recap

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I had started planning my sister-in-laws bachelorette party since March. I am glad I can talk about it now, I actually kept it a secret from her, and if you know me, you know that is a HUGE feat.

Our first part of the night was dinner at Legal Seafoods in Cambridge. We had a prix fixe menu in a semi-private room. Let me say that if you are planning an event in the area, this place was phenomenal to work with. I have always loved legal seafoods, but the team I worked with and that handled our party that night was above and beyond what I expected. I even dropped off boxes of stuff a few hours before our reservation and the staff set everything up for me.


I was also able to customize our menu in her honor!


We didn’t get any shots of the first or second course, but I have plenty of the entrees and dessert!

Before dinner, a cheers to the bride to be!

I also had to be rude and FaceTime with my baby!

Maria & I waiting for our salads

One of the popular entrees, the crab cakes. Check out all the food. It came with a salad, rice and green beans

The other entree that was popular, filet with mashed potato and broccoli

My sister ordered the everything spiced tuna, OH MY GOSH, this was so good!

I ordered the salmon, I knew I’d be drinking and wanted to eat as healthy as possible

The dessert course


the heavenly chocolate cake

After dinner we hopped on the bachelorette bus that we booked through The Bustonian.


Unfortunately I did not get a photo with everyone who attended but I hope you all had an amazing time :)

Again, we had a phenomenal bus driver that went above and beyond for us. I could not be happier with how the night turned out.

In a few weeks I will be standing on the alter with some of these women and we will all watch her marry her best friend. I cannot wait to be a part of the celebration.

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  1. I try to eat lighter sometimes when I know I'll be drinking too! It's worth it to indulge in those tasty drinks haha – that spiced tuna looks AMAZING and so does your salmon! I would have gotten one of those two, not the filet or crab cakes :-P

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