Bachelorette Recap: The Preview & a Giveaway!

If you follow me on twitter you probably know already that it was my sister-in-law’s bachelorette this weekend. We planned for the event to be in Boston so that I could host all the girls. It was a lot of fun and everything went off smoothly.

Part of what I did (with my sister) was to make a goodie bag for everyone in attendance, stocked with party treats.

Let’s start with the bags:

IMG 2054

Each girl received a tote bag that I personalized with their name.

In the bags:

IMG 2056

A reusable plastic cup, personalized with their name, to use throughout the night.

IMG 2060

A nip of their favorite liquor, for me tequila.

IMG 2063

Gum, water, and chocolate

IMG 2062

flip flops, a makeup remover wipe, lip gloss, nail polish & file, hand sanitizer and mardi gras beads (from New Orleans)

Most of our night was spent on this:


Which was why we included some of the items listed. Plus we were able to give everyone their bag at dinner and they wouldn’t have to lug it around all night!

Now here is your chance to win one of the bachelorette bags, stocked with your favorites.

This giveaway ends Tuesday, June 18, 2012, at 11:59PM EST. Entering is easy, but make sure you write a comment for each method of entry so that they are all counted when I randomly select the winners!

REQUIRED: Tell me which item you love the most from the bachelorette bag above!

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Tweet “I want to win a customized bachelorette bag from @CupcakeKellys!” and include the tweet’s link when you comment saying you did so.

Good Luck Everyone!

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  1. what AWESOME bags! I am attending a bachlorette party in July and may steal a few of your ideas :) However, I would LOVE the pedicure kit because my feet are currently gross from the many miles I've been putting in :)

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