One of those runs

This weekend was another super busy one! We drove to CT on Wednesday after Nick was finished with work, luckily he has the luxury of working from home so he was able to do that on Thursday.

I stayed in CT for part of the weekend, then drove back to Boston so I could run with the team for our Saturday run.

Saturday was miserable, it was cold and rainy, but I got my butt out of bed and made it to the group meet up. The agenda was 4 miles, we started at New England Running Company, we had a map and took off.

I started off okay, my legs were tight from the running, not stretching enough plus all the driving. I was running super slow. With the exception of one girl, who stayed behind with me, I was the last runner. The whole day just got into my head and under my skin. I felt defeated, all I could think of was: there is no way I can run a half marathon, I am too slow for this, I don’t know why I signed up for this I am just going to fail

I had a lot of feelings of wanting to quit and failure. At one of the turn arounds one of the mentors started running with us. I kept her and the other girl who stayed behind with in a few hundred feet of me, when we made it back to the water stop I just wanted to give up, but I kept going. The second half was a little bit easier, but I was definitely running on empty. When we got back to NERC we had a demo on running shoes, fuel and gear.

I got re-assessed for shoes, since my feet have changed a lot since I had B. I got a few different types of fuel to try out with my runs, and made my way back home.

All I kept thinking about during the drive was how to get myself out of this funk. I know that I can do this, but I need to not get in my head while I am running. I think a big factor is the fact that I am the slowest runner, and that’s especially frustrating.

Then today I am doing strength training and I am so much stronger than I ever was, even pre-pregnancy. I am doing things I never thought I could, and I never get in my head, I always attack the unknown.

I really need to figure out how to do the same with running!

How do you get through a bad run?
What are your running mantras?

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