Guest Post: SIX reasons to join Team in Training

I am starting a guest posting series all about Team in Training! If you would like to guest post email me at cupcakekelly21 AT gmail DOT com.

My first guest post come from Krissy who completed the Shamrock Marathon with Team in Training on March 18, 2012.


When I signed up for Team in Training (TNT) last October, it was a decision that had been in the making for several months. As a relatively new runner with about one year of experience, I was nervous — was I fast enough to train with a team? Would I be able to reach my fundraising goals? It was scary!

Despite those nagging fears, once I ‘pulled the trigger’ on the idea, I never regretted a moment. Within that first week of registering on the TNT site, I was contacted by the regional campaign coordinator and supplied with a steady stream of information and encouragement. Through emails and phone calls, I was able to quickly set up my special fundraising website, connect with teammates through social media and jump right into training.

So, if you’re reading this now, and wondering, “is TNT for me?” I am here to share my TOP SIX REASONS to join one of the most well-known and successful fundraising organizations for your next endurance event:

G – Give Back.

The moment I heard about TNT, I knew the premise appealed to me: join a local (or virtual) team to train for an endurance event while simultaneously fundraising for cancer research — what’s not to love about that? Just as we were assigned a coaching staff, we too were introduced to fundraising mentors who were ready to help us achieve our goals.

O – Outreach.

The connections that we made in our local, regional and statewide teams via in-person and virtual events were worth their weight in gold! Special events such as The Silent Mile took each of us beyond our personal fundraising and united us as an organization to learn more about where the sum of our hard-earned fundraising dollars were going.


T – Try Something New!

Whether you’re considering a half or full marathon, a century bike ride or an adventure hike, there are events to fit your ever whim. And remember how I was worried I’d be the slowest runner? Not so! There are individuals participating from many skill levels and all are equally welcomed.

Our TNT coaches were extremely receptive of feedback and always ready to dispense helpful training advice — from discussions about pacing to sports nutrition.

E – Enjoy Awesome Perks!

As a major player in the racing world, TNT’s excellent reputation and name recognition have made it possible for countless athletes to participate in hard-to-get-in events such as the Nike Women’s Marathon, runDisney events (Disneyland Half Marathon, WDW Princess Half, etc) — even if they’re sold out to the general public!

But perhaps you’re more interested in a local event — you’ll see amazing perks by being part of TNT for these, too! By meeting your fundraising minimum, you are guaranteed race registration, accommodations, course support (see more on this in Accountability) and in some occasions, even event transportation and meals.

A – Accountability!

From weekly training to race day, your TNT support staff are there for YOU – it’s only a matter of time before you begin to realize how important that means to them, too! Skipping a weekly training run is a lot harder when you think about all the people you’re working toward your TNT goal for — patients, family members, teammates…

Come the big event though, the fruits of your labor will inspire you in ways you never could imagine! From the joyous cheer of the crowd calling your name from your bright purple TNT jersey to the shouts of encouragement via an on-course coach, the only thing that’s impossible on race day is how to put your emotions into words.


M – Make a Difference!

Crossing the finish line to your TNT event, you’ll never be the same person again. From the immense satisfaction of the physical accomplishment to the powerful knowledge that your contribution — no matter how big or small — helped another person — the feeling could not be more profound.


My first TNT experience is one that I will treasure for the rest of my life. From the lasting friendships I made, to the impressive fundraising amount we raised and the race experience itself…just priceless. It wasn’t always easy — waking up for a run in the dark, or sending dozens of letters for family and friends — but in the end, these actions were modest sacrifices toward a cause greater than ourselves.


Thanks Krissy! If you want to sign up, there is still time, check the events in your area! You can always sign up for the Nike Women’s Half or Full and meet me in San Francisco!

Or if you would like to donate, every dollar is one step closer to kicking cancer in the butt, you can donate here!

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