Three Things Thursday

The busy weekends started with this past weekend, but I am super excited for this weekend.

1. I am looking forward to my race on Saturday. I am running with some family and some friends. I am hoping to push myself to see what I am capable since my last disaster of a 5k. I don’t have terribly high hopes because I want to have fun, and also it is supposed to be HOT!

We are going to be spending the weekend with no real agenda. Spending time with friends and family we haven’t seen in awhile. My husbands grandparents from Greece are here and they will finally get to meet B.

2. Sometimes I find myself looking forward to summer because of fruit salad. Seriously, I need watermelon, asap.

someone please make me this

Source: via Rowan on Pinterest

3. I killed an insane TRX workout yesterday morning. Somedays I get really down on myself because I am unhappy with how I look. But I am extremely happy with how I am performing. I may not be at my happy weight, but I am stronger then a lot of people who are smaller then me and I push myself to become better and stronger and healthier.

I hope you all have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend! Anyone doing anything special?

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