WIAW: Cupcake Camp Boston 2012 & Guest Post

Before we get to the cupcakes, make sure to check out my guest post on Real Life Travels where I open up my diaper bag for all the parents to see!


On Monday, I was FINALLY able to attend Cupcake Camp. I had grandiose plans last year to make it and wasn’t able to. I thought I would have time to bake for it this year and I wasn’t able to, I was glad that I was able to at least attend this event this year.

My sister and I got VIP tickets, which meant we were able to attend an hour early, and I am so glad we did. There were plenty of cupcakes and the line for the regular start time, started when we got there, a little before 6!

Our method was to try one cupcake at every station. We picked one flavor and each took a bite. We did this for two reasons, that is an awful lot of fat and sugar and two we wanted to be able to taste a bunch of different cupcakes without getting sick. I will say I felt guilty when we threw away almost an entire cupcake because we both took a tiny bite. Note to self: make minis when I finally get my act together and apply next year.

obligatory cupcake eating photo

Instead of going through the masses of cupcakes I will hit you with our collective top 5. We disagree on the order in which they fall but we agree with what ones are in the top 5. So in no particular order:

1. Chocolate Espresso from We Made Cupcakes

This was actually the first cupcake we tried and it was amazing. Sadly, I have no pictures and couldn’t even remember the name. I had to track it down through twitter

2. Tiramisu Cupcake from Lulu’s Sweet Shoppe


They also had a rep from the Boston Chocolate Tours, who now also has a cupcake tour, at their booth and my sister won a free tour and I get $4 off.

3. Root Beer Soda Pop Cupcake from Whole Foods River Street


They had many flavors but we stayed true to our agreement and tried just one, root beer. It tasted just like a can of root beer, it kind of had that fizzy taste as well. Yum.

I also, finally, got to meet the face behind the twitter!


4. Fruity Pebble Cupcake from Two Guys Baking


What was really unique about this was the milk frosting. I highly suggest finding these guys and getting your hands on one of their cupcakes!

5. Raspberry Lime Rickey from Janna Bee’s


I am the first to admit that I typically hate fruity cupcakes because the taste is artificial, these were not. The baker told us they actually use a reduction that has blackberries so there is no artificial flavoring at all.

We also got a shout out on their twitter page!

Full and ready to leave!


At the end we met up with a friend for beer because we needed something bitter to cut the sweetness.

IMG 3046

Cupcakes, friends, family and beer, what a fabulous Monday.

What cupcake would you want to eat from this list?

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