You know you are a mom when

You know you are a mom when:

Even with a diaper bag, your purse is full of things for your child
Mine has bibs, pacifiers, puffs and toys.

You realize how much junk you have in your house
As soon as B started crawling, everything that wasn’t nailed down was his for the taking. Plus any cords or cables were things he wanted to play with.

You go days without showering
I used to be the type that had to shower to wake up everyday. Now I try to shower after working out, but some days it might not happen. Also, going to the store in sweatpants or workout clothes, fair game.

Any news stories about any harm, intended or not, is heartbreaking
I used to watch most cop dramas pretty religiously, and I still watch a lot, but the cases that involve children I have to stop watching. I just usually can’t handle it. I have a hard time with any news or media story.

I also some fellow moms what they would say makes them a mom.

Vanessa said
When you are in a store alone and a kid cries and your glad it isn’t yours

Christine said
Vomit and poop no longer bother you

Meagan said
When you think your kids poop face is cute

Callie said
You get peed on and don’t bother changing your clothes

I also had a wonderful first mothers day.

We started with breakfast in bed, snuggles with B, and he gave me all the gifts he obviously picked out.

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I received a picture frame to put in a photo I took on Sunday, a kindle case with a light, and a pandora charm that is B’s birthstone and some beautiful flowers.

My dad was also kind enough to send Nick and I a package for Mother’s and Father’s Day.

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Goodies from one of my favorite places, Boudin in San Francisco.
It had 3 loaves of bread, salami, cheese, blue cheese dijon mustard, a woven basket and a cutting board shaped like a piece of bread. So cute.

If anyone ever needs any gift ideas, the bread of the month club Boudin has amazing. Each month the bread is a different character.

How did you know when you were a mom?

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