Thursday Things: loving my life

I am linking up with Averie for Thursday Things.

Life is pretty good right now, no complaints from me.

1. I signed up for another 5k. Hopefully there will be at least one before this, however this one is pretty awesome. It is the Color Me Rad 5k. Seriously take the 2 minutes to watch the video, that alone will put a smile on your face. I am running the race on May 26, in Hartford CT. I can’t run the Boston race because of conflict. However if you want to run the CT race and join my team (Cupcake Kelly’s) let me know!

Also, whoever runs the Color Me Rad twitter is hilarious.

Just do yourself a favor and sign up, if you don’t have fun I will buy you a beer.

And this is the inspiration video they posted:

2. Blogging Friends.

I never would have though that I would have met people that I have a ton in common with and talk to on a regular basis, or other moms who are looking for mom friends through my blog. But I did. I have met some wonderful women through my blogging and I am so grateful for that.

Last week we had a playmate with Colleen and her son Lyle who is 5 weeks younger than B. It was a beautiful date and I had a great time. I hope Colleen and Lyle did too! I hope once the weather gets back to being beautiful we can have more of these. Especially when the boys are older and more able to interact with one another.

IMG 2527

I also have made a great friend with Caitlin, a foodie and fitness blogger who of all places lives 15 minutes away from Nick’s family. She wrote this great post about blogging friends, and I might be a bit biased since she mentions me, but I have to agree with her, blogging has brought so many more benefits than I ever anticipated. And whole Cait and I have yet to meet, it will happen ASAP since I am in CT so often.

3. I am still grateful for my real life friends and family. Many of them have been my biggest cheerleaders when it comes to running and blogging, and I am eternally grateful for that.

4. I am grateful for such a happy baby. Even when he is sick he is in high spirits.

IMG 2562

IMG 2568

I also opened one of his Christmas toys that we had no room for so we had put in the closet until we needed a new toy, well because every sick baby deserves a new toy :)

5. Somedays I think I should have been a party or wedding planner. I am enjoying putting together my sister-in-laws bachelorette. That’s all I can say since she might read this.

What things are you loving about your life lately?

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  1. Yay! We loved our play date last week too! We definitely have to do it again – as long as it's 75 degrees with a cool breeze. Blogging friends are the best.

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