Fitness Friday: The Year of the 5k

I am declaring this the year of the 5k. I want to focus on becoming faster in this distance, and hopefully running a 10k by the end of the year. Like usual, my spring and summer weekends are almost all booked. So I have picked a few races, depending on where I am in New England, that I want to do.

I am hoping to do at least one a month, if not 2. I would love company for any of these races, or if you know of a race that’s fantastic let me know!


April is hard because Nick has a conference, Easter and my sister-in-laws Bridal shower, all 3 different weekends.

• Sunday, April 1 – 9 am

o Run for the Troops 5k

o Andover, MA

o $25

• Saturday, April 28 – 10 am

o Glastonbury River Run

o South Glastonbury, CT

o $25


May is pretty free so far. I really want to do the color me rad 5k, but would love to do it with someone!

• Saturday, May 5 – 10 am

o Boston Marine Corps Honor Run 5k

o South Boston, MA

o $28

• Sunday, May 6 – 1 pm

o Spring Fever 5k

o Newburyport, MA

o $20

• Saturday, May 26 – 9 am

o Color Me Rad 5k

o Hartford, CT

o $35


I can’t find any races for June, ugh. The first weekend is the Greek festival my husband plays at ever year. Then I have my sister-in-laws bachelorette and her wedding. If you know of any races in MA or CT let me know!


I’d LOVE to do the Take the Lake 5k since it’s my PR course, but I have to be in CT that weekend, so I don’t think I would make it.

• Sunday, July 15 – 8:30 am

o Take the Lake 5k

o Wakefield, MA

o $20

• Saturday, July 28 – 9 am

o Scottish Rite Freemasons 5k tun to benefit children with dyslexia

o Newington, CT

o $15


I could only find one race in August, but it’s on the same course as my PR so maybe this will be a good substitute for the actual race.

• Sunday, August 5 – 8:30 am

o Mystic Runners Swimsuit Classic

o Wakefield, MA

o $20


I have both friends and family members doing the Warrior Dash in CT. I have done the Spartan Race in the past and would love to do this race.

• Saturday, September 22 – waves from 9 -3

o Warrior Dash CT

o Willington, CT

o $50 – $75


Because I can’t think of a reason not to :)

• Saturday, October 13 – 8 am

o ING Hartford Marathon 5K

o Hartford, CT

o $25

Any of these races interest you? Join me! Or do you have any suggestions? Send them my way!

3 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: The Year of the 5k

  1. I just started doing a Fitness Friday post myself! I'm totally impressed with all the races you want to run…I'm just starting out with running and hope to be able to do a 5k soon. A great way to raise money for a cause AND get exercise!

  2. Thanks ladies!

    Shannon – I don't know what it is but I love racing. It must be my competitive edge, even though I am slow as heck!

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