First postpartum race recap

On Sunday I ran the Ras na hEireann in Somerville. I was planning on running alone, but my friend ended up not feeling well so she ran with me instead of running at her usual speedy pace.

120317 012

The race was at 11, and frankly I just wasn’t prepared for how warm out it was going to be. This always catches me off guard, I am never prepared for warm weather. I can’t run in shorts. I just can’t do it. So I have an old pair of capri’s that don’t fit quite right, but they did the job, I wore just a tank but was planning on wearing a long sleeve tech tee, but decided not too last minute and felt self conscious the whole time.

Since I have spent the majority of my postpartum running inside my lungs definitely had to adjust. I felt like my lungs and my legs were finally in the groove after the first half mile. I took a walking break right before mile 2 and before mile 3. I regret them now but there is nothing I can do to change the past.

I thought I had a PR, but I went back and look at my old race times and my 2nd race is still my PR, from 2009. Goody. I think the only thing I can do from here is to register for more local races, get out there and run. While it is humiliating that people who are speed walking might pass me, and girls who are wearing jeans and flips flops might be ahead of me, I am doing my best. Although, in this moment of self-loathing, it’s hard to remember. Hopefully, I can get over it. Tomorrow I am doing cardio so I am hoping to run outside. Here goes nothing.

Also, I am super glad the race photographer got 0 photos of my, so the ones I am sharing are of the general course area.

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