A sneak peek at B’s Baptism

I have a few of my photo’s and a few that our videographer took, so I want to share those. Once we get our photos and video back, I will share some of that as well as a review of our vendors. If you live in the New England area definitely keep your eyes peeled for those posts.

My husband’s family is Greek Orthodox, so we had a traditional Orthodox Baptism and reception!

Here are a few of my photos that my dad took:

IMG 1070
Maria presenting our baptized baby to me

IMG 1074
The Nouna and Nouno (Godparents) Maria & Kosta and Nick & I with B

Here are some from our videographer:

B and his Godmother Maria (Nouna), she is also my sister-in-law

One of my favorite photos. My husband, brother-in-law and their aunt with B

Even at our own wedding my husband played with the band. I expect nothing less at our sons baptism

Our little family, dancing

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