February Photo a Day, Week 3

IMG 2061

Check out week one and week two.

Friday, February 17 – Time

IMG 2188
B had gotten up at 5 that day, so this is when we both took a nap

Saturday, February 18 – Drink

IMG 2210
One of my favorite beverages, Champagne

Sunday, February 19 – Something you hate

IMG 2213
Washing bottles. My hands are so dry that they crack and bleed sometimes.

Monday, February 20 – Handwriting

IMG 2218
Part of my to-do list for B’s baptism

Tuesday, February 21 – A fave photo of you

IMG 2219
No filter on this one. One of the best days of my life. I was actually so nervous (about walking down the aisle and not tripping) that I felt sick

Wednesday, February 22 – Where you work

IMG 2237
The boss’ office. He was taking a little nap so I couldn’t clean.

Thursday, February 23 – Your shoes

IMG 2259
We didn’t go out on Thursday so I never put on shoes. This is one of my favorite pairs of shoes. White chucks with hot pink piping.

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