Five Things Friday

1. I am thankful that this winter is so mild compared to well any winter, but especially after last year. I am able to do a track workout in February tomorrow morning, and I am weirdly excited.

2. I am so glad we have great parents. The past few weekends either my mom or Nick’s mom has given Nick & I a few hours alone so that we can have a date night or meet up with friends. We even have a few nights out planned for the next few weekends as well.

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3. I love my happy baby. I love even more that while I am out with a friend for lunch, I get this picture.

IMG 0187

4. This weekend I am going to try my hand at making new desserts. Maybe even cake balls. Any tips?

5. I am thankful my husband takes all these treats to work so they don’t stare me down all week :)

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