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I promised this review to a few of my friends, and late is better than never right?

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I recently say one of my favorite bands, Jack’s Mannequin, with the Hartford Symphony Orchestra in CT last week. Jack’s Mannequin is one of my all time favorite bands, I was excited to see what this addition of the orchestra would sound like.

For a little background, Andrew McMahon is the front man for Jack’s Mannequin. His previous band, Something Corporate, also one of my favorites, released albums 2000 – 2003, but Andrew left the group to start a new project, he thought the sound he was developing was too different from the sound of his current band, this band would be known as Jack’s Mannequin, named for Andrew’s childhood friend who overcame cancer.

Andrew penned songs that were more intimate and heartfelt with a different message than SoCo’s songs. Three months before the release of Jack’s Mannequin first album, Andrew was diagnosed leukemia. Many of the songs written after his diagnosis deals with the emotions he had with dealing with this disease and songs about those who helped him through this tough time.

I find Andrew’s story inspirational, and his music has always affected me. The sound fills up my body and makes me feel. Not many musicians can do this. If you haven’t heard any of his music I cannot recommend enough for you to go buy all his albums right now.

Now onto the concert. I must admit I had high hopes. I felt like there were so many Jack’s Mannequin songs that could benefit from an orchestra.

First the set list:
My Racing Thoughts
Annie Use Your Telescope
Release Me (No Orchestra)
Me and the Moon – Something Corporate song
Amelia Jean
Holiday from Real
Platform Fire
Hey Hey Hey
Swim (Acoustic)
Restless Dream
The Mixed Tape
Amy, I
Casting Lines
Dark Blue (No Orchestra)


I loved the show. However, I think they could have utilized the orchestra better. The best use by far was during Caves. I know that this type of collaboration takes time, probably something the band didn’t have a lot of. It felt like in a lot of the songs that the orchestra, as one of my friends put it, was like another instrument: drums, piano, guitar, orchestra.

I wish more of the concert had been like Caves, but I loved the show regardless. I will see Jack’s Mannequin and Something Corporate whenever I can.

Here is a video of Caves, I have my one but this is by far better quality.

I have more videos, if you want to see them.

Today’s Question: Have you heard of Jack’s Mannequin or Something Corporate? Do you like them?

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  1. this is beautiful. difficult to video in that type of venue.
    baby is beautiful. hope being a mom is all you hoped it would be, and more.. can be difficult at times, but very rewarding.

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