Five Things Friday: Post-Baby

Five Things Friday is back. I thought I’d kick it off with 5 things that have changed since I had Baby B.

There are the obvious ones, but I thought I would list the things I didn’t realize or think about before B’s arrival.

1. I realized last night when having dinner with one of my best friends. When I go out without Baby B, it takes all my will power to not talk about him every single second. Sorry Casey, next time I will try harder :).

2. I thought it would be easy to work out while the baby is sleeping or just hanging out in his swing. I’ve tried to make it to mommy & me yoga twice now, B was not having it. Try number three is next week. Working out at home is a struggle too. There is always bottles to be washed, laundry to be done, cleaning to be done, meals to be made. And of course I need time to eat and shower when I am home. It is a struggle I didn’t even realize.

3. I have little to no desire to shop for myself, going in to a store on looking around online, is for cute baby clothes. Although, to be honest, it might be a little different if I felt more comfortable with my post baby body.

4. I always said I wouldn’t be one of those moms who slept with her kid in her bed. WRONG. B usually weasels his way into our bed around 4 am most mornings.

5. Leaving home isn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I love B to pieces and miss him while I am gone, and while I talk about him constantly, I know how important it is to go out and socialize with adults. Spending all day at home with him is wonderful, but I definitely crave adult conversation, and enjoy my time out when I have it.

Today’s Questions: What is something that surprised you post-baby?

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