Labor, Part 3: We have a baby!

The story of how Baby B entered into this world is a long one (Check out Part 1 and Part 2), full of TMI bits about birth. If you are squeamish, or the names of lady parts freak you out, I suggest you just stop here. In fact I’ll give you one picture to figure out if you want to keep reading or not.

IMG 1478

How adorable. Now on to how we got him here.

So the doctor sent me home Tuesday afternoon, I was an emotional mess and stressed. I spent the rest of the day pretty much just sleeping, I was exhausted mentally and physically, those hospital beds are so uncomfortable.

I eventually made my peace with the fact that I would not be having my baby until at least Monday, and focused on having a nice relaxing weekend with my family. Thursday I had my NST, that morning I lost my mucus plug, so the nurses just told me to be careful, I couldn’t do things like take a bath, because it could cause an infection, but I was fine to go home since the NST was normal, and my protein levels were still above average but hadn’t escalated more than from the previous blood work. So, back home we went. We made plans for a couple things to do that weekend and we were ready for the induction scheduled for 7 am Monday morning.

Friday morning I woke up as my husband was getting ready for work, I had to pee really badly and when I stood up, something started gushing out of me. I ran, waddled actually, to the bathroom and miraculously didn’t get the liquid anywhere but on my pants and legs. Did I pee my pants? They were soaked, no way it was urine right? I smelled them, but I had a cold so I couldn’t tell. I made my husband smell them but he was traumatized by the fact that I wasn’t sure if it was urine or not so he made his mom come in. Nope, not urine folks, my water broke. Of course once I was mentally prepared to wait until Monday, my water breaks.

We called the doctors office and they sent us to labor and delivery. This time I knew I was coming home with my baby. Once your water breaks that’s it, the risk of infection is too high, you stay in the hospital until that baby is born.

We got to the hospital and I was checked to see if I was dilated to see if I would take the Cytotec or if I could go to Pitocin. Well no shock here, I was still only 1 cm dilated. Every 6 hours I was given a little pill to put under my tongue to dissolve. It was to do the same thing as the Cervadil. But I could only take it for 12 hours. Well 12 hours, which included a Harry Potter marathon, later guess where I was at? Still 1 cm. Seriously body!? The hospital on-call OB came in to chat with me.

The OB recommended that I get an early epidural and pitocin, there were 7 other women in the unit and she was worried that if I started to get contractions the anesthesiologist would be busy and I would suffer. Also, an early epidural might help relax my body so that my cervix could dilate. She also told me, based on my experience so far, it was highly likely that I would have to have a C-Section, my biggest fear, because once your water breaks you have to get the baby out in a certain amount of time. Plus, I tested positive for the GSB test which can harm the baby so I was also given antibiotics every 4 hours.

I said yes to the epidural and had the anesthesiologist come in. I wanted to do everything possible to avoid a C-Section. Nick and his mom left the room so the doctor could do his thing. Oh and this when the nurses changed shifts, and who did I have? The crappy nurse from the first time we were in the hospital, awesome. Once the epidural was in place, I tried to get some sleep. I knew that this baby was coming by the next day either because he was finally ready or because of surgery and I wanted to get as much rest as possible. Around 2 am a nurse came in, the terrible nurse went home and the nurse from heaven was here. Wendy, the nurse, was checking my vitals when I started getting serious back pain, my contractions were getting heavy. She checked my cervix, and it was 3 CM, woo progress. She turned off the pitocin drip to see if I would continue progressing on my own and would turn it back on if I wasn’t.

I started getting very uncomfortable and my back was killing me. Wendy came in and said there was no break in my contractions and if I wanted the anesthesiologist could come in and give me an extra dose, but since it was back labor it would not eliminate the pain, just make it more bearable. HOLD UP ONE MINUTE. My dear old dad is an anesthesiologist, and not once did he tell me that an epidural doesn’t eliminate back labor. Once the doc came and did his thing, Wendy checked my dilation. She had a holy crap moment. In a matter of hours I had gone from 3 cm to 8 cm, however the baby was face-up and it’s best if he is face-down. She was so surprised at how much I had dilated she made the other nurse come and check, yup, 8 cm. The nurses told me to get some rest, it could take a few hours for me to get to 10 cm. While I was resting, Wendy would come in and reposition me ever 10-15 minutes so that we could get B to move into a position where he was face-down.

An hour or two later I was still feeling back labor and my contractions still hadn’t stopped, I essentially had contractions for 2 – 3 hours with really no break. Wendy decided to check me again. I was 10 cm. No break for me time to call the doctor in. While we waited for my practice’s on-call doc the nurses prepped my room and Wendy had me practice push. I couldn’t feel anything so I assumed I wasn’t pushing hard enough. Then Wendy told me to stop because the baby was ready!

The OB still wasn’t there so the nurses called the hospital’s on-call OB. Once she got to my room she was shocked. She even went to the wrong room because she was sure that I wasn’t in labor. Once she came in I started pushing. According to the nurses and OB I am an excellent pusher. Baby B was out in 6 minutes. At 5:44 am our beautiful baby boy was born. While Nick and his mom watched the nurse do her thing with B and took pictures I was getting taken care of. I guess all that pain and positioning was awesome because he came out in the right position and I only needed one stitch, no need for extra cutting. The OB chatted with me while she did her thing, and she told me, she was sure she was going to have to give me a C-section. I guess the epidural really was what I needed to get things moving.

I am so thankful for Wendy and the hospital OB, I wish I knew her name because she was awesome, and it is almost tempting for me to switch because she really helped me get through this process.

Momma & B right after delivery:
IMG 1475

I’ll post more about the post-delivery soon! Let me know if you have any questions you want answered.

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  1. I posted a comment the other day, but it vanished :-(

    I'm so glad that everything worked out for you in the end. You should be incredibly grateful that someone realized that Baby B was posterior and had the wherewithal to put you in different positions to get him to turn over. With Jason, no one knew he was posterior and he came out that way. It was an extremely long, hard, frustrating and painful pushing process (which required MUCH more than 1 stitch)! Although, Jason was completely worth it all (as I'm sure Baby B is) :-)

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