Labor, Part 2: You want me to go where!?

The story of how Baby B entered into this world is a long one (split into 3 posts), full of TMI bits about birth. If you are squeamish, or the names of lady parts freak you out, I suggest you just stop here. In fact I’ll give you one picture to figure out if you want to keep reading or not.

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Oh, hey sweet IV.

Thankfully, my mother-in-law was at our house helping prepare food and clean, since I was on bed rest, and was able to drive the hubs and I to the hospital. I assumed that we were just doing the same NST that we had done when I went in five days prior. As soon as we got to the labor & delivery unit we were put in a room and I was told to get in the johnny and get on the bed and my husband was to go downstairs and have me admitted. Um, what!? I thought we were just having an NST? The doctor came in and explained that my levels were still high and I was far enough along that the safest option would be to induce me.

I have read everything, I thought, possible on pregnancy. I just assumed that induction meant pitocin. If you assume the same, here is some very important knowledge. If you are being induced and you are not dilated, there are 2 types of medication they use to dilate your cervix, AND THEN they give you pitocin, but I was told I would have to be at 3 cm before that. After the doctor did a check-up, it was determined that my cervix was not even close to dilated, it closed tighter than Fort Knox. The two types of medication are 1. Cervidil – a string that is wrapped around your cervix and helps open the muscle. 2. Cytotec – is a pill that dissolves under your tongue, doing the same thing.

The on-call doctor likes to use Cervidil, the medication that wraps around your cervix. Here is the TMI, it hurts like no other when your doctor is practically elbow deep inside you trying to wrap a string around your cervix that is not ready to be opened. This had to be replaced every 12 hours, but was checked every 3-4 to see how dilated I was. This was the most painful thing the entire time I was in the hospital. I cringe still thinking about it. No matter how gentle the doctor was it put me in tears. The tighter your cervix is the farther the doctor has to reach and essentially the more painful it will be. AWESOME.

While I was there I heard about 5 women have their babies. In fact one woman was screaming so loud we could hear it through the walls. Another woman gave birth within 4 minutes of being in the unit. I was just getting more and more frustrated that my body was not preparing for B to make his exit.

The first night was unbearable, I was having “contractions” for an hour straight, no break in between. Turns out it was just my body cramping, not actual contractions, and it wasn’t doing jack shit for my cervix. The pain got so bad I had to request some medication just to sleep. In order to give me the medication the nurse had to check my dilation, again the most painful part of this whole experience. My nurse couldn’t get her arm in the right position to feel my cervix, so she brought in “Bertha” a huge nurse who literally came in my room, spread my legs and was elbow deep in me while I was screaming and crying, and Nick was trying to calm me down, but in shock of Bertha’s bedside manner. Oh, and I wasn’t even a cm dilated. Are you kidding me? Over 12 hours of this garbage, Bertha all up in my business and I am not even a cm!?

I was given a shot of morphine and immediately fell asleep. The next morning the same on-call doctor came in before his shift was over to check my dilation, and to tell me who was taking over the on-call shift. Dilation – 1 cm. If I wasn’t still woozy because of the morphine, I am pretty sure I would’ve thrown something across the room in anger.

That whole day I stayed dilated at 1 cm. That night I had the nurse from hell who would just keep telling me I could breathe through the pain. I wanted to toss her out too. She wouldn’t ever answer the nurse page, she wouldn’t help me, and on top of it all she smelled like cigarettes. I should’ve just tossed my cookies on her.

I eventually made it through the night, the next morning was supposed to be my OB’s on-call shift, since he was on vacation the same doctor I had on the first day was back again. He came in checked my dilation, still 1 cm, and decided that he would send me home. EXCUSE ME!? They couldn’t give me anymore of the medication they were wrapping around my cervix. The baby was fine, my levels were still a little above average. We made plans for me to get an ultrasound to check on B, and if he was fine come back for an NST and blood work 2 days later. If I didn’t need to be induced then we would wait until the Monday my doctor was back to induce me with the pill.

I was so frustrated, I spent my entire holiday weekend and my 3 year wedding anniversary practically strapped to a hospital bed in the worst pain I have ever experienced and I was sent home with my baby still happily inside me. To say I was a mess of emotions is the understatement of the century. I felt like a failure. My body was the reason I was there and my body was the reason why I was leaving.

Part 3 – coming soon.

3 thoughts on “Labor, Part 2: You want me to go where!?

  1. Holy crap – I would have DIED!! They attempted to look at my cervix at 24 weeks bc i had preterm contractions the night before (just mild and went away) and they decided they couldn't do it bc everything was so tight down there. If I have to go through what you did I would probably pass out from the pain. That's the most sensitive part of your body!

  2. Kelly – I know, I felt like I could make a made for tv movie about this.

    Amanda – Honestly, after having him, that was the worst part. Labor was nothing compared to that. I am glad its over and I would go through it again if I had too but I really hope the next baby comes on his or her own!

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