Labor, Part 1: I have a jug of urine for you.

The story of how Baby B entered into this world is a long one, full of TMI bits about birth. If you are squeamish, or the names of lady parts freak you out, I suggest you just stop here. In fact I’ll give you one picture to figure out if you want to keep reading or not.


I didn’t say it’d be a photo of the baby. This photo was taken 3 days before the longest 2 weeks of my life began.

One night at the end of June, I wasn’t feeling B move around, at all. He is always most active at night, so I panicked. Nick was calm said to wait until morning and he was sure everything was fine. Fast forward to the next morning, still nothing. Nick was off to work and my sister was here visiting. I called my OB’s office and they said they’d call the hospital to have me do an NST (stress test for the baby). My OB happened to be the on-call doctor for my group at the hospital that day. They did the test, and B was fine, perfectly healthy. I on the other hand was not. My blood pressure, which has always been great, was high, and my doc was concerned with how swollen my legs and feet were. I had my weekly check-up the next day and my doc wanted me to still come in, but I was ordered to go home and rest with my feet up and drink plenty of water.

Fast forward to the next day, my sister was on a plane back to PA, hubs was at work. I went to the OB to have the GSB test and to give away all my blood and urine for testing. Long story short, my protein levels were high. Not outrageous, but above average. So the doc had me do this REALLY FUN test. I had to pee into a plastic cup (it fits on the toilet, not one of our own cups) and then pour the pee into a jug, literally bigger than a milk jug. This jug had to be kept in the refrigerator when it was not being added too. We kept it next to the milk in case you were wondering. I did this for 24 hours, then I had to bring the jug to the hospital and get more blood taken. The hubs accompanied me on this trip and proceeded to tell the lab technician, “I have a jug of urine for you right here” followed by laughter, because he is soooo funny. Lab technician and wife, not impressed.

It’s also important to note that my OB was going to go on vacation that day, and the nurse said she would call me with my results, because if the levels were still high, they would induce me, because it would be safest for mom and baby. Cue pregnancy hormones and tears.

Since it was a holiday weekend, I started panicking, when would we hear, would they call us during the weekend. Finally I broke down, and on Sunday, called the answering service at my OB’s office, and they called the hospital. The doctor on call, and covering my doctor for the week, called me to say my levels were still high and to come in for another NST.

What I was not prepared for was the emotional and physical roller coaster that was to come.

Stay tuned for the worst hospital stay ever.

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