Labor, Part 3: We have a baby!

The story of how Baby B entered into this world is a long one (Check out Part 1 and Part 2), full of TMI bits about birth. If you are squeamish, or the names of lady parts freak you out, I suggest you just stop here. In fact I’ll give you one picture to figure out if you want to keep reading or not.

IMG 1478

How adorable. Now on to how we got him here.

So the doctor sent me home Tuesday afternoon, I was an emotional mess and stressed. I spent the rest of the day pretty much just sleeping, I was exhausted mentally and physically, those hospital beds are so uncomfortable.

I eventually made my peace with the fact that I would not be having my baby until at least Monday, and focused on having a nice relaxing weekend with my family. Thursday I had my NST, that morning I lost my mucus plug, so the nurses just told me to be careful, I couldn’t do things like take a bath, because it could cause an infection, but I was fine to go home since the NST was normal, and my protein levels were still above average but hadn’t escalated more than from the previous blood work. So, back home we went. We made plans for a couple things to do that weekend and we were ready for the induction scheduled for 7 am Monday morning.

Friday morning I woke up as my husband was getting ready for work, I had to pee really badly and when I stood up, something started gushing out of me. I ran, waddled actually, to the bathroom and miraculously didn’t get the liquid anywhere but on my pants and legs. Did I pee my pants? They were soaked, no way it was urine right? I smelled them, but I had a cold so I couldn’t tell. I made my husband smell them but he was traumatized by the fact that I wasn’t sure if it was urine or not so he made his mom come in. Nope, not urine folks, my water broke. Of course once I was mentally prepared to wait until Monday, my water breaks.

We called the doctors office and they sent us to labor and delivery. This time I knew I was coming home with my baby. Once your water breaks that’s it, the risk