30 Day Song Challenge: Day 1

I have seen this song challenge on many other blogs or facebook and twitter. The idea is to share a tiny bit of yourself by choosing a song. The idea is to choose a song every day, but for the purpose of the blog I am going to choose once a week.

The first day you are to pick your favorite song. My favorite all time song is: Land Down Under by Men at Work. I could be in a terrible mood and this song will make me smile. I hope you enjoy this video, as an added bonus, its a pop-up video. Does anyone else miss those?



Today’s Questions: What’s your favorite song?

Five Things Friday: Guilty Pleasure Edition

Today’s edition of Five Things Friday is brought to you by some of my guilty pleasures. I have no shame that these are things I enjoy!

1. Boy Bands. I have always had a love for boy bands, and I absolutely have no shame in it. In fact I will be going to the NKOTBSB concert 8 months pregnant. Nkotbsb promo photo oPt Source


2. The Scream movies. I am so excited that they are making a 4th movie. Nick doesn’t seem as interested. Scream 4 fan poster1 Source


3. CHOCOLATE. The fact that it is Easter season means Cadbury Creme Eggs, my absolute favorite. I have never been one of those who loves cadbury mini eggs, I love the big original fatty kinds. Cadbury Source


4. The Real Housewives series. Reality TV is probably my favorite genre, and I love the Real Housewives series the most. I secretly, well not so secret anymore, hope that they will do a Boston series. Real housewives2 620x241 Source


5. Fake Ugg Boots. I refuse to spend the amount of money that Ugg boots cost. I also think they kind of look like moon boots. My sister bought me a pair of fake ones for Christmas a few years ago and I bought some knee high ones from Nine West that were on super clearance. Being pregnant during the winter meant the only thing comfortable was leggings and boots.

Emu boots Source

Ultimate Blog Party


Hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom

This is my first time attending any type of blog party, so I am looking forward to it! I am a little late to the game, so I will make this short and sweet!

I am going to be a first-time mom in July and I am also a new blogger!

Sharing my love of baked goods, my experimental recipes and what I learn through my experience of being a mom. I hope you enjoy my blog and continue to visit!

IMG 1259


Comeback Cake!

When I was little my mom would make us special cakes for our birthdays. I remember some very scary ones where my mom would stick a doll in the center and the dress was the cake, but for some reason all the dolls were creepy looking.

My request was always the same. This pan that I swear looked like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Stay puft marshmallow man

I was always sad when they killed him at the end, he is so adorable, no?

Anyway I was reminded of this precious cake when I heard they are making Ghostbusters 3 and 4!

Mom, please break out this pan, for my birthday comeback cake!

Today’s Question: Do you have a favorite cake from childhood?

Five Things Friday

It’s that time again! Time for 5 things I love about this week.

1. Baseball has started! It’s starting to really feel like spring. Go Red Sox.

2. Trying new restaurants with great friends, and trying new foods too.

3. Ice Cream. I am a total cliche here but even with this rain/snow garbage I want ice cream now.

4. Looking forward to a weekend filled with friends and family.

5. My husband, who takes me to said dinners and puts up with my constant need for ice cream.

Have a great weekend everyone!