Wordless Wednesday: Rock Band

Today’s wordless wednesday is brought to you by my adorable nephews. They came to visit while on April break. The 15 year old wanted to play rock band but the 7 year old was struggling to keep up. So the older played the guitar and the younger one played air guitar, complete with sound effects. Love.


IMG 1394

3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Rock Band

  1. Cole….playing air guitar…..with sound effects…..NOOOO, not Cole…LOL!!
    Did he play Rockstar?? That's his favorite song, he sang it to everyone at Heather's wedding……hahaha!!!!

  2. Dawn – they are brothers so most of the time they play well together :)

    Teresa – he didn't play Rockstar, because we don't have that song, surprisingly he was shy about singing, must've been the sugar overload!

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