Five Things Friday: Baking

Today’s Five Things Friday is going back to why I started this blog, baking. The five items I am great at baking.

1. Rainbow Cake. It is essentially a white cake, and I use food coloring to dye the batter into six colors and then I layer them on top of each other in the pan. It’s my go to cake recipe for anyones birthday. It seems like everyone loves it.

2. Peach Pie. To this day Nick raves about my peach pie, homemade crust and everything. I will make a fresh peach pie for anyone who wants to deliver fresh peaches to me.

3. Apple Crisp. I will make a hundred batches of this in the fall. I love apple picking then making tons of apple crisp, yum.

4. Cheesecake. While I have had many fails at cheesecake. The past two Thanksgivings my sister and I have made a cheesecake for dessert. Two years ago it was Red Velvet, and that was a huge hit, last year we made Pumpkin, and it was also delicious but not nearly as decadent as the Red Velvet.

5. Apple Pie. Again, this is something I only make in the fall with homemade crust and fresh apples, delicious. Fall in this house is a wonderful time to visit!

Today’s Question: What is one baked item you love to bake and/or eat?

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