Almost Wordless Wednesday: New Bakery

Today I decided to try a new bakery in Arlington, Cakes Bakery and Cafe. I picked out 2 cupcakes, Turtle for Nick, Red Velvet for me and a Lemon Bar for lunch time.I unfortunately did not get a picture of the lemon bar, but let me tell you, it was FANTASTIC. It is without a doubt the best lemon bar I have ever had. My biggest gripe is that most lemon bars are way to sweet. This bar had the balance of sweet and tart and the crust wasn’t too hard.

I will say in terms of the cupcakes, I put them in the fridge, I really like my cupcakes cold if I don’t eat them right at the bakery, and there was a sign in the bakery specifically stating that the cupcakes taste best at room temperature. Now on to the cupcakes!

IMG 0057

Chocolate Cupcake with a caramel drizzle inside and chocolate frosting and walnuts on top. I had a few bites, and the chocolate cake was super moist. I am not a huge fan of chocolate frosting, but this was pretty good, Nick said it was almost fudge-like, which I will definitely agree with, maybe that’s why I liked it. In Nick’s words “it was delicious”.

Red Velvet:
IMG 0058

If you know me at all you know my favorite flavor is red velvet, and I will always judge any bakery or dessert place by it’s red velvet. Like I said earlier, I refrigerated the cupcakes and I think that probably attributed to the red velvet cake being a little dry. The frosting on the other hand was out of this world, I would eat it by the spoonful. I also liked the sugar crystals, they added a nice texture to the cupcake. I would definitely try this again, at the room temperature suggestion.

Overall, I would recommend this bakery. They also have locations in Milton and Watertown, as well as a large sandwich and coffee menu.

Five Things Friday

Since I can’t bake as much as I would like, I have decided to do a Five Things Friday, it might be five things I love, five things that are driving me crazy, could be anything. Today I have decided to do five things I love this week.

1. Starbucks Iced Black Tea with Lemonade. Since coffee turns my stomach, I have found a new delicious drink for my morning pick-me-up. It is delicious.


Btl Source


2. I have been seriously craving guacamole and chips. If a place delivered I would totally order it for dinner tonight.

Guac Source


3. Jodi Picoult Books. I have always loved her books, and they have been keeping me company while I have been laid up. I just finished House Rules.

Book Source


4. UCONN HUSKIES. Nick is from Connecticut and has been a lover for UConn college basketball forever. I started getting into it when we started dating and UConn is doing awesome in March Madness.

Uconn Source


5. Last but not least, today is Greek Independence Day, which is my husband’s heritage, so we will celebrate :)

Flag Source


Today’s Question: What are you happy about today?

Wordless Wednesday: Baby Bump!

As promised for today’s wordless wednesday I have a few photos of my baby bump. I am currently 22.5 weeks pregnant, only 17.5 weeks to go until the due date!

In the first photo you can’t really see the belly since my shirt blends in with the couch, so I had Nick try again.
IMG 0047

Take number 2, well really 9, but who’s counting?
IMG 0052



Overwhelmed by the Registry!

Nick and I are 18 weeks away from our due date, give or take a few days. While I am super excited for the little munchkin to get here, and want him here now, I am also incredibly overwhelmed.

Thankfully, many friends have stepped in and made recommendations and eased a little of my anxiety. I am the type of person that likes to find the perfect item for the needs of our family. We do research, look at reviews and consumer reports and talk to friends and family, and usually feel very confident in our purchase. It was no exception with the stroller and car seat. We feel very confident in the choices we made, and while we clearly have not tested the items yet, we based a lot of decision on safety ratings, ease of use, and the fact that Nick’s co-workers is using these said items and has raved about them.

We started registering on Saturday and I just became overwhelmed. Highchairs, baby carriers, diaper pails and diapers to name a few. How will I know what is the right fit for us? And for someone who is not even in the world yet?

I came to the realization, with Nick’s assistance, that I was over analyzing and I needed to take a break. This is due to the fact that I was overwhelmed with which diaper pail to register for. If the diaper pail we pick doesn’t work then we get a new one. The only harm is done to our sense of smell. I just needed someone to point out the obvious.

I am going to try and take it easy when registering for the rest of the items, and to have faith that I can pick the right item, and if it doesn’t work how I need it to then I can return it or go buy a new one. Some of this I WILL have to figure out as we go and I need to be okay with that.

That being said, I will still take any recommendations anyone has on items like, the highchair, crib, diapers, baby carriers, books, etc…

And a huge thank you for all those who have already helped me in this decision process and given me advice for what worked best for them! I appreciate every single one of you!!

Today’s Question: Have you ever been overwhelmed with something that should not cause you anxiety? How did you deal?

The ABC’s of Me

A few weeks ago I read the ABC’s of one of my favorite blogs, Peanut Butter Fingers, and I decided to do one of my own!

A. Age: 26

B. Bed size: Queen. Most days it is plenty comfy, but with this belly I sometimes feel like there is never enough room for all three of us.

C. Chore you hate: Cleaning the bathroom, I also drag my feet when it comes time to put away the laundry or dishes.

D. Dogs: I love dogs, but I never will understand why people have them in cities.

E. Essential start to your day: Putting in my contacts, otherwise we will have a lot of issues.

F. Favorite color: Pink and black.

G. Gold or silver: Usually silver, but for nicer pieces I like white gold.

H. Height: 5’.

I. Instruments you play: Lets just say I take the vocalist role when we play rock band.

J. Job title: Substitute Teacher, and soon Stay-at-home Mommy.

K. Kids: One on the way, and who knows what the future holds.

L. Live: Just outside Boston, MA.

M. Mom’s name: Marcia.

N. Nicknames: Kel, Kel Bel, McNally, Shorty, and a few from college that will stay in college haha.

O. Overnight hospital stays: None that I am aware of.

P. Pet peeve: People who say they’ll do something, then don’t and people who feel the need to give you their opinion about everything.

Q. Quote from a movie: “Who’s your favorite little rascal, Spanky or Alfalfa?” or any quote from Tommy Boy really.

R. Righty or Lefty: Righty.

S. Siblings: 3 older sisters and a fabulous sister and brother-in-law.

T. Time you wake up: Depends on the day, but right now I have been waking every few hours just to go to the bathroom.

U. Underwear: Um what? Yes, I wear underwear.

V. Vegetables you dislike: Mushrooms, Olives, and that nasty baby corn.

W. What makes you run late: Losing track of time. Although I try really hard to not be late, because that is another one of my pet peeves.

X. X-rays you’ve had: A bunch of my hand and my ankle.

Y. Yummy food you make: Cupcakes, Peach Pie, Rainbow Cake, and Chili.

Z. Zoo animal favorite: Panda Bears and Polar Bears.

I’ll leave you with a fun picture :) DSCN1402

Bucket List: Mardi Gras

I am a supporter of having a bucket list. I don’t have one written out, but I have experiences I absolutely want try. In honor of Mardi Gras, I decided to share a few photos from my Mardi Gras experience with you all. Mardi Gras was a once in a lifetime experience. By that I mean I will never go back. I have been back to New Orleans since, and love the city, I would definitely go again.

However, I don’t think I can handle another Mardi Gras experience. My sister spent 2 years in New Orleans getting her Masters Degree, so a few of us decided to visit her and attend our first Mardi Gras.

The ladies on the first night: Girls1

We also had one of the best bar experiences. Some guy, who should’ve been in bed, came up to our group to try and impress the ladies and took a swig of his beer, but the beer was a bottle of worcestershire sauce. Of course our group laughed, and so did others, and the kid was mortified and ran off. A picture with a new friend: Groupandbguy

We ended up eating lucky dogs (hot dogs) from a cart almost every night. Not my proudest moment.


And of course we got beads. Nick and I still have a suitcase full, perhaps it’s time to get rid of them.

BEADS: Beads3


And a few of the reasons why I don’t want to go back.

The trash: Bourbon The crowds: Bourbanstpacked

Today’s Question: What’s an item you have crossed off your bucket list that you loved or hated?

Wordless Wednesday: Adorable

So only I might care, but I find baby clothes and shoes adorable. Since I am carrying my first I am finding it hard not to go crazy buying items. I thought I would share some of my favorites so far.

He might not be born until the end of summer, but he will have a cute bathing suit.
IMG 0028

For mom and dad:
IMG 0031

A theme we are thinking about doing for the nursery:
IMG 0035

For the Star Wars lover in my husband:
IMG 0030

Cute pajamas:
IMG 0038

And my favorite, baby boy boat shoes:
IMG 0041