Running with the Devil

When it comes to running, I will definitely call myself unexperienced and new. For as long as I could remember, I HATED running.

I believe part of it directly stems from the fact that our women’s soccer teams in high school were picked on who could run the fastest and the most amount of mileage. This always made me angry, I am by no means the best soccer player, but I had some decent skills. I never believed that this was the best strategy for decided Varsity from JV, and the records showed. Our JV 2 team, the “freshman” team had a better record than the Varsity team almost every year. However, the stigma of running carried with me after high school. I would go for the occasional slow jog, but running, count me out.

Fast forward to the end of college and the planning of my wedding, I decided it was time to get my butt in shape and to work out regularly. I met with a personal trainer and developed a healthy eating and exercise plan that worked for me. Two years into this plan, I finally registered for a 5k race, my first race.

I decided to run the Vision 5k, a race for a cause close to my heart and a location close to my house. I ran the race with my sister-in-law. It was the first race we ever ran, and I definitely struggled. The race started at 11 am, which I now realize is extremely late, it was almost 90 degrees and and humid. BUT we finished, not without some pushing for sure, but I accomplished my goal.

IMG 0159

I decided to run another race that summer and registered for the Take the Lake 5k in July. The race started much earlier and had a much flatter course. I had a PR of 2 minutes and was extremely proud. That was it for 2009.

I decided to up the race schedule for 2010, and to not just include 5k’s but also fun races. I would still be running but I wanted something fun if I was going to race in Boston in the summer.

The first race of 2010 was the CitySolve Urban Race. Our team of 3 races around the North End and Fenway areas of Boston, getting clues and taking pictures. It was hard but it was definitely fun! Our team would have qualified for Nationals in any other city with our team, but Boston was super competitive and we didn’t make the cut.


My second race of 2010 was the Vision 5k again. I ran with my trainer/friend, one of my best friends and my dad. My dad is also on a impressive weight loss journey and he and I decided to have a little father-daughter competition. He beat me by 45 seconds. I blame the heat, even worse than last year, and the tequila from my birthday celebrations the night before. I don’t have any pictures from this great day unfortunately. But I will say the Vision 5k has the best 5k race in the Boston area. If you can do it, you should!

In June of 2010 I also ran the Great Urban Race, again a trio of us, answering trivia clues and running all over Boston! Trivia + Running = FUN. Oh, and our theme for this race was 80’s wear. We even got sweet snap bracelets.


The next race, wasn’t a real race, but so much fun. And a great break from all the training I was doing. The Great Boston Beer Marathon. Free Shirts, Viking helmets, etc… and 26 bars with free admission all day. Best race decision all summer. While we definitely did not make all 26 bars, we had great fun trying! Check out my sweet gear for this race:

IMG 0011

My last race of the season was in August. This was the doozy, The Spartan Race. The course was extremely tough. I ran the race with 3 friends, one of which runs marathons, and even he had to stop and walk because the hills were so intense. This race was my proudest accomplishment. Trail running, all of which was mostly uphill, plus 12 obstacles. Two of these obstacles were walls, a set of 4 foot walls and an 8 foot wall. At my height of 4’11” I feared these walls from the moment I registered. But I conquered them and all the other obstacles and have never been more proud of myself for overcoming my fear and doing something scary.

IMG 0977

IMG 0975

My only racing medal: IMG 0971

Now here it is 2011 and I have not signed up for any races. I had big plans of training and completing my first half-marathon and of course the Vision 5k and Spartan. Being pregnant has put all those on hold for the moment, and even though I miss it and wish I could race, this pregnancy is more than worth it. I will be back to conquer you both in 2012, and hopefully that half-marathon goal will be completed as well.


Today’s Question: Have you ever ran a race you were terrified of? How did you feel afterwards?

I love love

Just when we thought the moths were gone, after we cleaned everything and left our pantry empty, we saw a moth last night while watching tv. Is it coincidental that as soon as we put all our food, in airtight canisters mind you, back in the pantry, we see one? I don’t know. I am hoping they came from another condo and we can do another solid clean of our entire place and evacuate them once and for all. This is possibly one of the most frustrating things we have ever dealt with.

Since baking will probably still be sparse, because I don’t want to keep a ton of sweets and baking materials around for the moths to get into. I am going to turn this blog into a more personal/baby blog.

But I will not dwell on the frustrating, today is a day of love. I decided to share with you some of the love in my life, in pictures :). Enjoy.

My husband, Nick, and I, in college, before we started dating:
N29100162 30012830 7390

A few photos of Nick and I through the years:

IMG 1166

Nick, Maria (Nick’s sister) and I during our college years:

Some of my best friends from college:

At our first friends wedding, we are starting to grow up!
Kelly maria mel 1

Nick’s Graduation:

My Graduation:

A Trip to Greece to visit Nick’s family:



Our wedding:
LP2 0242

LP2 0685

LP2 0631

my husband has some sweet moves
LP2 8846

Girlfriends are a necessity:

Traveling with my family:

Getting my MEd!

And our love of Baseball!

Fenway 2

Superbowl, Super Dessert

As our last weekend in the land of no pantry, I decided to make a simple dessert for our Superbowl party. I made an old favorite, a cookie I made all the time as a kid. The No Bake Cookie. I love oats, I love chocolate and I LOVE peanut butter, this is a sure fire winner.

I got all my ingredients together and measured everything out.

IMG 0017

In a small saucepan, and I admit I should have used a larger one, I combined
1 3/4 cups of sugar
1/2 cup of milk – I used 1%, and used skim growing up, use whatever kind you have in your fridge it shouldn’t make a difference.
1/2 cup of butter
4 Tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa

I brought the ingredients to a boil and let them boil for 90 seconds.

IMG 0020

Remove from the pan from heat. Now here is where I messed up, you are supposed to add the last 3 ingredients to the pot but I clearly did not have enough room so I transferred all ingredients to a separate bowl.

In the bowl I combined
3 cups of quick cooking oats
1/2 cup of Peanut Butter – most recipes say to us chunky, I have always used smooth, I think it tastes better.
1 teaspoon of Vanilla – I used 2, because I love vanilla.

I then added the chocolate mixture to the dry mixture, and stirred until all the oats were covered and the peanut butter had melted.
IMG 0021

I then used mini and regular cupcake tins to portion out cookie sizes. Using parchment paper or tin foil on a cookie sheet will also work just fine.

I then stuck the cookies on the fridge for a few hours, now time to enjoy the Superbowl and snacks.

IMG 0024


Today’s Question: What is your favorite recipe to make that is simple?

Wordless Wednesday: Escape from Snow Mountain

In Massachusetts we are experiencing one of the snowiest winters ever. At least that I can recall. And while I don’t usually mind the snow too much, I wish right now I was on the beach. So for wordless wednesday I am going to include some of my favorite photos from my Honeymoon. My husband and I waited 6 months from our July wedding, to take a cruise to the Caribbean in January 2009. We knew we would need our warm escape in the dead of winter. It was the best vacation either of us has ever been on.

Puerto Rico:

Bacardi Factory:

On the 30 ft Schooner around St. John, where I got the worst sunburn of my life. Always remember sunscreen, even when you are leaving New England in January.

Husband and rum punch:

Me on the boat:

One last shot of St.John:
IMG 0075

Husband and I:

View from our balcony of St.Maarten:

Leaving St. Maarten:
IMG 0087