My Favorite Things

Sorry for the hiatus, this no pantry business is quite the hindrance. I decided for this weeks baking to make something a little less “high-maintenance”. My mother-in-law and I both love Oprah, and one of our favorite episodes lately was the “My Favorite Things” episodes. We were both intrigued by the Bakers Edge brownie pan.




and the Ghirardelli brownie mix, because Ghirardelli has some of the most amazing chocolate.



So for Christmas my awesome mother-in-law gave me both the pan and the mix. Today, I decided to break them out and test both. I set the oven to 325 degrees and got ready to bake. First I mixed the oil, water and 1 egg.




Then I added the brownie mix, which had chocolate chips in the mix, yum.



I poured the mixture into the pan, and this was a little tricky, I was not used to pouring into a pan that had a lot of sides, so I ended up getting some of the mixture on to the sides of the pan.



I also thought that the depth of the pan meant that the brownies were going to be super thin. I made sure the oven was ready, put the pan in and hoped for the best. 40 minutes later the brownies were ready!



I let the brownies cool, and when they were ready, I used this handy tool that came with the pan to release the brownies from the pan.



While the brownies were a bit thin, they were chewy and moist, just the way I love them! I would recommend the pan to anyone who loves chewy brownie edges, and I would recommend the brownie mix to all chocolate lovers! These items definitely make my favorite things list.

Every Party Needs a Cupcake

I am that girl that always needs to bring a dessert to any event I attend. Luckily, my friends don’t seem to mind. So when a couple of ours announced their annual Holiday party and the request for the guests to bring desserts or apps, I was more than ready.

Since my pantry supplies were pretty much gone, thank you pesky moths. I had to go with the using a box mix. I decided to do a holiday twist on some favorites, the Cookies and Cream Cupcake. In advance, I apologize for the lack of step-by-step pictures. I am still learning to bake and blog.

First you start with 12 Oreos, I usually go with the regular flavor, but today I went with the Holiday edition, they were red instead of white. Split the cookies in half, trying to make sure the cream is on both sides. Put one half of a cookie in a cupcake tin.



I use the rest of the Oreos, and you can use as much or as little as you desire. I place them in a ziploc bag and use a rolling pin to crush the Oreos in tiny pieces.


I then make my batter. I usually use a Vanilla cupcake recipe, so for the purpose of not having extra flour around, I used a White Cake box mix. I poured the dry mix in, and instead of oil and eggs I used 12 oz of diet sprite and 8 oz of plain yogurt. I believe that the sprite and yogurt makes the cake fluffier. Once the mix and wet ingredients were well blended, I added the remaining Oreos. You can do two things with the crushed Oreos, you can add them all to the mix or you can add some and save the rest for garnish.


Then I just followed the baking directions on the box. For the frosting I used what I had leftover from my last baking expedition. I had Chocolate Buttercream and Cream Cheese Frosting. I did half the cupcakes in each frosting. Unfortunately I have no pictures of my final masterpieces, as I ran to the party immediately following frosting. But I can tell you they were absolutely delicious.  


Today’s Question: What’s your favorite dessert to bring to a party?

New Year, New Blog

I have been in the process of starting this blog for a month or so now. However, every time I go to start a batch of cupcakes something seems to happen in our house that prevents me from doing some serious baking.The first incident was a gross and somewhat embarrassing one. We had pantry months. If you have never had them or know what they are, consider yourself very lucky. Apparently they can come in on anything. So that makes me feel a little less embarrassed, at least in the cleanliness department. In short, these gross creature get into everything that is not in a sealed air tight container. So we had to throw out all the flour, sugar, etc… We also have to keep the area, our pantry, empty until we are sure they are gone. This time period is the life cycle of these gross moths, so for 6-8 weeks. This does impair my on a whim baking, but I will sacrifice in the name of a not-infected home.

The second incident is a happy one. Nick and I found out we are expecting our first child! With this news came the onslaught of “morning” sickness and exhaustion. The last thing on my mind is baking lots of sugar-filled treats. I am moving into the second trimester and my ill feelings are starting to subside.

So as we come into a new year, and resolutions are being made, here is mine. To begin what I have always wanted to start. A blog that showcases my success’ and failures in the world of baking. I am by no means an expert or have any culinary training. I do however have a passion for baking and I enjoy experimenting as much as possible. THis blog will become a part of my every day life, and I hope you enjoy my baking as much as I do.